Cut your porcelain with ease! Waterjet cutting explained.

What is Waterjet Cutting? Waterjet cutting is a cutting process that utilises a high-pressure stream of water to cut through materials. The water is typically combined with an abrasive substance, such as garnet, to increase the cutting power of the stream. The abrasive waterjet can cut through a wide range of materials, including porcelain, metal, […]

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Internal Vanity Units | Stunning Tile Features

Furniture Cladding and Vanity Units Furniture cladding usually combines a number of our services such as; templating, waterjet cutting, mitring, etching, bullnosing, metal inlays and epoxy bonding. The combination of these services allows designers and home owners who clad their furniture and vanity units to commission unique and eye-catching furniture in homes and offices.  Templating

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Abigail’s Footsteps – Etched Piece

Abigail’s Footsteps Abigail’s Footsteps is a baby loss charity who provide support and counselling for bereaved parents and families. Their focus is to improve the way bereaved parents are cared for by hospitals and to provide midwifes with specialist training to help support grieving families.  The Aquacut team were privileged to be introduced to this

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