Learn How We Create Signs | Porcelain + Brass

Have you ever wondered how we create our fantastic logos, signs and motifs? Well, look no further as we have a secret insight for you!  

We have made many logos, corporate images, signs and motifs here at Aquacut using our CNC controlled waterjet cutting machines. More often than not, the logos and signs require a range of our services to complete.  

To create this stunning piece of work we combined 20mm porcelain and brass, using our waterjet cutting facilities and fabrications team. 

We began the process by liaising with the client for their logo design template ensuring they are happy with their designs. We then acquired the relevant tiles and delivered these to our waterjet cutting facility. Once the tiles and brass are cut and complete, the materials were sent back to our fabrications team ready to be turned into a stunning logo design.  

To begin the logo creation process we polished the brass lettering and added a protective layer as polishing the lettering is a vital step to getting the bold shine the brass has to offer. Following the polishing stage, it is important to protect the lettering from any scratches or damage. Once the lettering is protected, we ensure the lettering fits into the tile and is a flush finish before proceeding to the adhesive stage. 

When creating logos, signs and motifs we often create a colour matched adhesive to ensure the logo has a seamless finish. The necessary adhesives are added into the logo piece to connect the brass and porcelain creating a firm, solid base and a stunning logo. 

Applying adhesive to logo designs is often at times a messy process, it is important adhesive is removed from the tile face before it dries. We used our TT Paving Solutions to ensure the tile was kept clean throughout the fabrication process, as these solutions are fantastic at removing adhesive residue.  

Once our team are happy with the cleanliness of the tile, some additional touch-ups are made and the protective layers are removed from the lettering. The stunning piece is then packaged into a custom-made crate to prevent any damage during transit and sent out to the happy client! 

Click here to watch the video on creating this logo!

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