Step & Riser Fabrication

Aquacut fabricates thousands of steps which go into retail, commercial and domestic properties, often requiring several of the services Aquacut provides.

Templating for those tricky step designs, such as spiral staircases.
Cutting using our CNC controlled waterjet cutting.
Bullnosing the step edges.
Mitring steps and risers and bonding the two pieces together.
Offering anti-slip on the steps.
Providing strips with special resins to create better visibility for those with impaired vision.

We offer a range of different step designs, the most popular being:

Simple Step

A simple step which can have a bullnosed profile.

Step with a riser

A step with a riser usually specified for commercial and retail steps.

A simple riser with a return

A step with a riser and bonded return which have more complex designs and are usually specified for large domestic projects.

A simple riser, return and box bonded

A simple rise, return and box bonded which are again, specified for large domestic projects.

A riser and two strengtheners

A riser and two strengtheners which can be used to house LED strips.

With loads of experience serving the landscape and building sectors, Aquacut’s fabricators are the go-to people for many architects, designers, and tilers.
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