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Starburst staircase
waterjet cutting

Aquacut has a number of computer-controlled waterjet machines capable of handling large and small projects. Our teams, from design to cutting, have considerable experience thus ensuring the best outcomes that others may struggle to match.

Bullnose edges
Bullnosing, edge profiles & polishing

We offer a full range of bullnose edge profiles.  Industrial machines are perfect for those straight edges, while our artisans can create bullnoses on curved or intricate edges by hand.

AMRC Factory 9
step & riser fabrication

Aquacut fabricates thousands of steps and risers. The unique range of services we offer ensures you achieve the most attractive finish and functional steps for your development.

Reduced slip staircase
reduced slip features

With a market-leading variety of anti-slip services, Aquacut seeks to satisfy even the most demanding specification.  Office blocks, retail premises, airports, and domestic properties have benefitted from our services.

Stone sign
logos, corporate images, signs & motifs

Create that WOW! impression. Explore some of our recent projects for inspiration and feel free to speak to us about your project to create stunning signage or logos to make your business stand out.

Swimming pool edge
swimming pool features

Swimming pool edges, finger grips, drainage tiles, steps with anti-slip, fun/aesthetic designs can all be achieved using Aquacut’s services.

Vanity units
furniture cladding & vanity units

Fabricating from clients’ materials, Aquacut have clad hundreds of pieces of furniture and vanity units to create stunning and unique pieces.

Welsh etching
etching & painting

Etching on its own can create attractive finishes but may be enhanced by the special paints we offer for interior and exterior projects.

Peterloo memorial
landscape / hardscape features

Aquacut has a large following in the landscape and hardscape sectors owing to the range of services we offer,  combined with a very experienced team, receptive to discussing clients’ projects.

Templating and surveying
templating & surveying

Our state-of-the-art computerised laser systems offer a precise and swift method of creating plans in even the largest of projects, while our traditional templating using hard sheets to cut precise templates is useful for small areas. We are also able to take clients’ templates and create CAD drawings.

Stacked air bricks
Brick Sets & Air Bricks

We offer three basic services, each with the capability of incorporating different designs. 1. Take whole bricks and create air channels. 2. Cut brick-slips from bricks (which may also be cut to create air bricks). 3. Cut to precise angles, brick slips or bricks and then bond pieces together to create angled brick sets. Most often demanded by pre-cast concrete companies.


Create stunning designs by either cutting special mosaic shapes from marble or tile, or from cutting existing mosaic sheets to accept designs of a contrasting finish.

Mechanical fixings
Mechanical fixings

There may be a legal requirement to secondary fix tiles and stone at height for safety reasons.  Increasingly designers specify secondary fixings on installations at lower heights than regulation demands. Aquacut’s secondary fixing system is widely used and is offered in grade 304 and 316 versions of stainless steel.

Liquid metal plaque
Liquid metal

Aquacut offers a range of services linked to liquid metal. 1. Creating templates for clients’ own tradesmen to use. 2. Applying liquid metal to clients’ materials. 3. Supplying the liquid metal components to clients. 4. Training for craftsmen seeking to develop their skills.


Our Babilonia division manufactures and sources a range of unique products and quality goods and features to enhance outdoor living.


Tilers Tools is part of the Aquacut Group and was established to serve professional tiling, landscaping, and building professionals throughout the UK and Ireland. Tilers Tools is the official Raimondi UK distributor, selling and delivering a wide range of equipment, tools, adhesives, and consumables.

The UK's unique fabricator of bespoke building finishes
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