Bullnosing, Edge Profiles & Polishing

Over the years, our artisans have developed a range of techniques for creating bullnose profiles using handheld tools and industrial machinery. We can finish straight edges as well as sweeping curves offering a wide range of edge shapes. Whether you need to create a unique finish to just a few pieces of marble, or bullnose hundreds of step edges, Aquacut can meet most needs. Bullnosed edges are most often seen in step treads, swimming pool edges, skirting tiles, vanity units, furniture edges, and window sills.
Explore the wide range of bullnose profiles offered by Aquacut. We can profile sweeping curves as well as straight edges.
Full bullnose

Most often used when the tile overhangs. When used in outdoor settings, we are often asked to cut a non-drip groove on the back of the tile.

Half bullnose

Rounded edge halfway down the tile edge with the remainder flat. Gives an attractive finish.

Small pencil round

The pencil round gives the benefits of a rounded edge whilst keeping much of the flat edge.

Eased profile

The curve flows round the whole edge. This is our most popular edge, used in stair
treads, skirtings, and swimming pool edges.

Micro bevel

Usually between 2-5mm wide at a 45 degree angle to the face/edge of the material. It
is much less obvious but still removes the sharpness of the edge.

45 degree mitre

The 45 degree mitre is used to create a sharp edge, however this can be brittle, so it is
often used when bonding two together to create corners.

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