Reduced Slip Features

Aquacut offers a range of seven different anti-slip techniques to meet the most challenging designs. These are most often specified in commercial and retail staircases and ramps but may also be required when polished tiles or marble is used in domestic settings. We can provide anti-slip in different metals, most usually stainless steel, brass and bronze. We also offer specialist resins and paint enhancements too. As well as being functional, our anti-slip treatments can also add attraction to the steps. Our specialist designers are available to discuss the different finishes we offer.

Aquacut offers seven different options for anti-slip

Simple grooves cut into the material. If we do this while we bullnose the edge, the cost is less for the client.

Grooves cut and then painted, often with good colour contrast which aids the visually impaired as well as affording anti-slip properties.

Three 3mm grooves cut and square metal bar bonded. The bar stands around 1mm proud as an attractive and effective anti-slip feature. Finish usually in stainless steel or brass.

This process uses K-Grip, a resin specially formulated for anti-slip steps. The long-lasting resin is widely specified and is offered in a range of colours.

Stainless steel tactile studs with unseen stems which are bonded into holes drilled, by Aquacut. Very attractive finish, but not often asked for.

Ribbed aluminium bar (T-shaped) is inserted into slots cut into the tiles. Also not regularly specified.

Etch a wide groove into the surface of the tile (circa 1mm deep).  Creates a rougher ‘trench’ which aids grip.

A few options can be found opposite but please call us on 01565 750666 to discuss our full range and your requirements.

Anti-slip treads
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