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Furniture Cladding and Vanity Units

furniture cladding

Furniture cladding usually combines a number of our services such as; templating, waterjet cutting, mitring, etching, bullnosing, metal inlays and epoxy bonding. The combination of these services allows designers and home owners who clad their furniture and vanity units to commission unique and eye-catching furniture in homes and offices. 


The initial stage of creating cladding for vanity units and furniture begins with the templating stage. Our design team complete multiple detailed templates of all the furniture that is to be cladded, ensuring all measurements are correct to the millimetre.  

Once all on-site templating is completed, the team take the blueprints back to their office to create CAD designs, tidying up the designs and making sure all of the templates are correct. The use of a CAD design software allows the team to complete any touch ups, alter the templates and combine templates to ensure that each piece of the cladding will fit accurately.  

Once all of the templates are finalised, they are sent to our waterjet cutting facilities to be cut into shape. 


Most vanity units and furniture cladding require bonding, etching, bullnosing and epoxy bonding. The process each vanity unit must go through is all dependent on the clients’ requirements for the piece of work. 

For our most recent cladding job, minimal fabrication was required as the job was to be fitted on-site by a separate team. Our fabrications team followed the required work to be completed on the job; polishing and finishing the edges of the tile to remove any sharp edges and to create a shiny finish.  

This stage was completed using diamond polishing pads and diamond hand pads. If you wish to purchase either of these tools, please click here


When all of the fabrications work is complete, the team ensure all of the tiles are cleaned before they are ready to be sent. The fabrications team complete an inspection to ensure there are no chips, cracks or scratches on the tiles and everything is in great condition ready to be shipped.  

When we complete our jobs at Aquacut, we pride ourselves on our packaging. We create custom packaging/crates to ensure the tiles are protected during transit. We often use a combination of pallets, wood, packing foams and shrink wraps. 


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