Profiling & Polishing

Over the years, our artisans have developed a range of techniques for creating bullnose profiles using handheld tools and industrial machinery. Bullnose edges are most often seen in step treads, swimming pool edges, skirting tiles, vanity units, furniture edges and window sills. 

Machine Finishes

To create a bullnosed edge on a tile, our primary protocol is to use our industrial machinery which is designed to create a range of bullnose finishes. At Aquacut, using our industrial machinery we can offer 6 bullnosed finishes: 

Our bullnosing machine can product a variety of profiles at accurate consistent measurements. This is due to the machines ability to be specifically configured to a job’s requirements for accurate results, allowing us to manufacture consistent profiles on a large scale. 

Hand Polishing

Although we use our high-grade industrial bullnosing machine for most of our profiling and finishes, some finishes, such as curved tiles, require work by our handheld tools to get the job done. All finishes that are not on a straight edge must be profiled and polished by hand.  

This is achieved using our range of in-house polishing equipment such as; flex tools with diamond pads and small handheld diamond polishing pads to achieve the extra shine to the polish. Our team have many years of experience working with the hand tools and create stunning finished to a very high standard. 

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Overall, the Aquacut team can offer bullnosing, profiling and polishing on almost all materials, all shapes and sizes. Our industrial machinery can produce fantastic finishes, accurate to the millimetre on a large scale due to its impeccable precision. 

If a job requires curved tiles to be cut and polished, our fantastic fabrications team will create a stunning profile and polish with the use of our top range hand tools.  

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