Brick Slips, Sets and Pistols

Brick Slips, Sets and Pistols

A guide to Aquacut’s Brick Services.

About Us

Aquacut offer a range of fabrication services, brick slips being one of our popular services that is in demand due to our high level of service, short lead times and great prices. We provide the highest level of customer service and our facility ensures that each brick slip is produced to the finest detail, resulting in some amazing applications.  

Aquacut provides a friendly service and we have a long history of producing brick sets. We have worked with many pre-cast companies and maintain strong working relationships with our clients due to the technical advice and support that is on hand by our highly experienced and dedicated team.  

All our products are manufactured at our facility in Cheshire and we are able to deliver a quick turnaround due to our sophisticated equipment and machinery that guarantees precision on every cut. We use only the best products to bond the brick slips together creating a strong and long lasting finish.  

We can cut your brick slips to any desired shape or style and we can work with any products and textures that are on the market. Some of our most popular brick slip samples can be viewed in this brochure and you can see our typical journey overleaf.  

Our client base is growing rapidly due to recommendations, and our people, so if you would like to discuss a new project, we will be happy to assist.  

You can find out more about our full range of fabrication services by visiting our website or contacting us on 01565 750666. We look forward to discussing your next project.

1. The Consultation

We are driven by your timetable.  

We will have a detailed discussion with our client to determine your exact requirements and likely project timeline. We are happy to visit our client, discuss the fabrication options we offer and present a range of samples and photos to illustrate the sort of work we do. 

Following the initial discussion, we can create a sample from our customer’s masonry prior to agreeing and comencing the project.  

Aquacut fabrication has a range of technologies to ensure the best result: 

  • Waterjet cutting 
  • Wet saws 
  • Brick saws 
  • Job specific workspaces to create the most efficient process that ensures great finished pistols on time 
  • We can create pistols from full bricks by cutting into slips, or working with brisk slips from scratch 
2. Receipt of Goods

The customer will deliver the bricks/slips to our large warehouse and fabrication centre in Cheshire where the pallets will be stored securely.

Our dedicated team of experienced craftsmen will be waiting to start producing the brick sets. The fabrication team will be fully briefed and headed up by a senior fabricator who will lead your job from start to finish. 

3. Cutting

Using state of the art equipment, including CNC controlled waterjet or our professional wet saws / brick saws, our high experienced team will carefully cut the bricks to create the brick slips in precise measurements and mitre angles before returning them to secure boxes on pallets as they wait to be bonded. 

4. Bonding

Using the best products, we will bond the brick slips together at precise angles. The adhesives we use may be colour matched to the brick slips and specially formulated to create a strong joint in the desired finish. 

Once cured, we carefully finish the joint at the face to ensure as invisible a join as possible. 

The finished pistols are then carefully checked by our management to ensure they are all acceptable before carefully packing the sets to make them fit for transport. 

We have the capacity to manufacture tens of thousands of brick sets each month. 

5. Packaging

The bricks are securely packaged and returned to the pallets for delivery to our customers. 

As we are used to our finished goods being sent around the world, packaging is one of our core skills. 

Our packaging contains safety buffers to prevent any damage to the brick sets during transit. 

6. Delivery of Goods

Our customers choose whether to collect the goods themselves, or we are happy to arrange transport to your location. Our forward planning enables us to meet tight deadlines. 

Popular Shapes and Styles

The images below are examples of our most popular shapes and styles.

Contact us to discuss your next project on 01565 750666

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