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One of the many services we offer at Aquacut is etching and painting. In this blog post we will be diving into the etching and painting services that we offer, and hopefully giving you some inspiration for your project! 


So, what is etching? Etching is the process of implementing bespoke designs into a tile using a procedure called sandblasting. Sandblasting is the act of propelling very fine particles of an abrasive material at a high velocity toward a surface in order to etch it.


Now you know what etching is, let’s look into what Aquacut can offer for your project!

Client Discussions

The process of etching a tile begins with discussions with the client. We can etch a wide range of materials, such as stone, porcelain, ceramics, glazed materials, concrete, metals, plastics, and glass. 


Our team will liaise with the client, discussing their choice of materials, chosen design, and any final touches we can offer. By combining materials, clients have been able to create an imaginative and stunning piece of work as well as highly effective signage, images, and logo design. 


Once the final design is agreed, the Aquacut team can begin the creation process. 

Creating the Etch

The first step to creating a bespoke etched piece is to create the mask template. Due to our in-house technology, we have the ability to create highly detailed templates, meaning there are little to no limitations to the designs we can create for tiles. Once a template is complete and ready to use, we apply this to the tile. We use a heavy-duty mask to ensure that only the desired areas of the tile are etched and that there are no leaks or slips on any other area of the tile.

Sandblasting is the key component of the etching process. The sandblasting machine allows for very fine abrasive particles to be propelled at a high velocity toward the tile which creates the etched finish. Our facilities allow us to etch tiles up to 2m x 2m, meaning no job is too big or too small.

There are many different types of finishes that Aquacut offers to etched designs. The most common finish for an etched tile is the contrasting finish; etching on its own, also seen as the contrasting finish, works best with dark material as it creates a stronger contrast. We also offer specialist paint which has been developed for exterior and interior applications, meaning your tile design will remain intact no matter its location. 

A new initiative the team has implemented is the application of liquid metal to an etched tile design. The final finish of this design leaves the liquid metal proud of the tile, allowing for a stand-out finish. 

Now you have a deeper knowledge and understanding of etching and the processes we undergo to complete etched designs. Click here to see the video covering this process on our YouTube channel.


The Aquacut team can help you in your design journey by providing high-quality service to assist you in achieving the WOW! factor in your project.


We have highly experienced craftsmen with decades of experience between them and the capacity to produce high-quality etched designs in a fast turnaround time.  


So, why not get in touch today so we can assist you with your project? 

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