Templating with Aquacut

At the Aquacut Group, we offer two types of templating services. We will either take a client’s template or attend the site ourselves to take templates and ensure a perfect fit.

In this blog post, we explain the process of creating a high-end vanity unit for a client, created by using a template sent in by the client.

The templating process began with the client sending their template to Aquacut, made of MDF (medium-density fireboard) material. We often receive templates made of plyboard wood and MDF.

The template came with specific measurements for the vanity unit, with a focus on the sink cut-outs and the polished edges. Many templates that we receive have measurements that the client has taken themselves including any notes that the client wishes to make.

Once we had acquired the client’s template, the team began the basic measuring using tape measures and squares. Heavy focus was placed on measuring the apertures of the design (for example, the sink cut-outs) to ensure that the design was created to be as accurate as possible.

Once this was complete, the measured template was scanned onto the computer in size A3 and imported into the CAD (Computer Aided Design) software ensuring it was the correct scaling and size. The team then used arks and lines to ensure all the sizings on the template were correct for the piece, and once they were happy with the template design it was printed onto A3 tracing paper to scale. The new, digital template design was then compared to the original template to ensure they were both equal.

Once the template design was digitalised and accurate, it was then sent over to our waterjet cutting facility for a trial run. The trial run was undertaken by cutting the templated design/shape out of plyboard so this could be sent back to the factory to compare to the original template from the client, ensuring all sizing’s and measurements were correct. Any alterations would be made at this stage in the office and returned to the cutting division.

Once the template was finalised, the waterjet cutting began for the piece. On completion, the piece was returned to the factory for further fabrications, e.g., polished edges, before being prepared to be handed to the client.

The Finished Vanity Unit

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