Making Positive Steps to Reduce our Emissions

At the Aquacut Group, we put climate on our agenda years ago and have been committed to reducing our emissions. We have been taking steps to make a positive difference to our planet, our customers, and our running costs.

Whatever the outcome of COP26, we only have one planet, and the Aquacut Group is doing what we can to help tackle the climate emergency.

Some of our initiatives include the following:

  • We are investing tens of thousands of pounds in an intelligent solar array plus battery system designed to maximise the use of green power.
  • We have changed our lighting to LEDs.
  • We use night storage heaters which in the main are powered by green electric.
  • We are investing in a new system to enable us to recycle raw materials used in our processes, saving on shipping costs.
  • Our FUGA-PAVE A & B uses only 20% of other porcelain installation systems.
  • Our TT Paving Solutions has eco-friendly products.
  • Our Executive Chairman has been driving a wholly electric car for years.
  • We have cut the number of miles our sales team drive, using virtual meeting technology wherever we can.

Our staff plays a key role in our strategy, and we encourage everyone to make sustainable decisions both at work and at home. We are optimistic about what businesses can achieve if we all work together.

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