Cardex template used to form coping detail which was cut and bullnosed, by Aquacut

The full range of services Aquacut offers the tiling, landscaping and building industries makes the company unique in the UK. 

Aquacut offers two templating services;

  1. Taking a client’s templates in either card, wood or plastic from the client’s installers, or
  2. Aquacut attending site, take templates and ensure fit

In both cases, Aquacut staff will input details into our CAD systems, test cut material to ensure the fit is correct before then processing the client’s materials.

Please note:  2. above requires two members of Aquacut staff, so it may be expensive.  We suggest 1. above is usually more cost effective as professional tilers and landscapers ought to be competent creating suitable templates that Aquacut can work from.  If required, we can cut plywood after completing our CNC program and send these to site for your installer to check, before we process the actual material.


We receive the template from the client’s installer (or we visit site and do this ourselves).  We then create a CNC program, test cut a piece of plywood and when satisfied the program is fit for purpose, we cut the material

Cardboard template arrives at Aquacut
After entering detailed drawings into our CAD file, we test cut plywood to check the program is true, by Aquacut
Perfect fit to the template, by Aquacut


Here we received a plywood template from a client who required us to cut a number of porcelain tiles to this exact design.

We created a CNC file, test cut and then cut the porcelain to give a perfect match.

Client's plywood template received at Aquacut
Three porcelain tiles cut to the exact fit of the template, by Aquacut