The full range of services Aquacut offers the tiling and building industry makes the company unique in the UK. 


Step and riser cladding usually combines a number of our services such as templating, waterjet cutting, anti-slip features, mitring, bullnosing and epoxy bonding.

We offer a range of different step designs, the most popular being;



The most popular specification for the step part itself is with three grooves which are most often filled with square metal bar designed to stand around 1mm proud of the tile surface to act as an anti-slip feature.  This may also act as an aid for the visually impaired

We fabricate thousands of steps and risers each year.  All of our work is bespoke. The following is a very small selection of some of our work, please contact us to discuss your project.

Please note that steps and nosings with downstands need to be be suitably fixed to secure the downstand as well as the main tile to the substrate.

Step tread and downstand with stainless steel metal strips as anti-slip, by Aquacut
Porcelain pool edge with downstand and return bonded. Top and bottom edges have a micro-arris to 'soften' the edges, by Aquacut
Porcelain step, downstand and return, by Aquacut
Porcelain steps created in a box shape as floating steps, by Aquacut


Aquacut offers seven different options for anti-slip. Six of these are fabricated by Aquacut while the seventh is a selection of high quality step edges manufactured by Profilitec SpA of Italy for whom we are the exclusive UK distributor.



Simple grooves cut into the material. If we do this while we bullnose the edge, the cost is less for the client.




Grooves cut and then painted, often with good colour contrast which aids the visually impaired as well as affording anti-slip properties.  We use speciality, long-lasting paints

This is the most often specified design.  Three 3mm grooves cut and square metal bar bonded in.  The bar stands around 1mm proud as an attractive and effective anti-slip feature.  Most usually stainless steel is specified but brass is also offered.

Porcelain steps cut and bonded with stainless steel anti-slip, by Aquacut
Brass bar inserts in a corner section, by Aquacut

This process uses K-Grip, a resin specially formulated for anti-slip steps.  The resin is offered in a range of colours.

Aquacut cuts shallow grooves (as a key for the resin) then applies the resin to stand around 1mm proud.

Long lasting and widely specified.

The photograph opposite shows the three strips of K-Grip on what will be the step edge whilst the black strip at the back is a shallow grove cut and painted – this will be cut on site to form the riser with an effective contrast for the visually impaired

K-Grip resin filled step trad and riser, by Aquacut

Stainless steel tactile studs with unseen stems which are bonded into holes drilled, by Aquacut.  Very attractive finish

Stainless steel tactile studs bonded into holes drilled, by Aquacut




Ribbed aluminium bar (T-shaped) is inserted into slots cut into the tiles

Ribbed aluminium bar bonded into slots cut, by Aquacut

Through our TT Trims division; we offer a wide range of very high quality pre-fabricated step-nosing trims manufactured by Profilitec SpA.

Stairtec step profiles with downstand, from Aquacut
Stairtec FS anti-slip step profile by Profilitec, from Aquacut
Stairtec SI step profile with anti-slip strip by Profilitec, from Aquacut