Water Jet Cutting


At aquacut, we use high pressure waterjet cutting and abrasive jet cutting technology to achieve industry leading standards of quality and finish. We have skill and experience cutting a wide variety of materials including stone, tiles, metals, composites, plastics, and rubber.

Advantages of Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet cutting is a versatile cutting process with several advantages over alternative cutting methods, these include:

Water jet cutting can be used to machine a diverse range of materials, including heat-sensitive materials, delicate materials, hard materials and even some brittle materials.

Unlike other machining methods, water jet cutting doesn’t produce heat damage to the surface or edges of the machined piece.

On the majority of cuts, a taper of less than 1 degree can be achieved. This can further be reduced or eliminated by reducing the speed of the cutting process.

If a high quality of finish is required, the water cutting can simply be slowed down to significantly improve the finish of the cut.  See our blog for further information on quality selection

Why Should You Hire Water Jet Cutting Experts?

Water jet cutting is a versatile machining process, able to cut, etch and profile a wide range of materials, however, each material has a unique set of characteristics. It’s the experience and skill of the craftsmen and their understanding of the material that will determine the quality and finish of the cut.

At Aquacut, we have a knowledgeable and skilled team, capable of producing artistic and intricate patterns and cuts in even the most challenging of materials. If you have a design concept that requires skilled cutting, etching and profiling of heat-sensitive, delicate, hard or brittle materials, water jet cutting could be the perfect solution. But only in the hands of professional water jet cutting craftsmen who have the skills your design and specification require.