Other services

Over the years we have been commissioned in thousands of projects.

This has resulted in many years of experience in;

  • Brick sets cut and bonded to exacting specification
  • Bullnosing edges of tiles and stone to create many different profiles
  • Drawing and design
  • Epoxy bonding materials together to create functional shapes such as step claddings
  • Mosaic tiles cut and mounted
  • Paint enhancements using special paints to enhance design features
  • Creating logos and motifs
  • Creating step and riser claddings often incorporating reduced slip features such as K-Grip or metal bar bonded into grooves
  • Swimming pool features such as pool grills, finger grips and shaped tiles to smooth the edge of pools
  • Templating.

All these services are expertly managed under closely controlled factory conditions, providing one-stop solutions for our many clients.