Materials and Processes

Water jet cutting uses high pressure jets of water or a mixture of water and an abrasive substance. By replicating the process of water erosion - greatly accelerated and focused on a small area - our water jet cutters are also able to shape, carve, profile, ream and etch the majority of materials with high precision.

Processes such as water jet profiling, engraving and etching are more flexible and suitable for a more comprehensive set of materials than alternative processes.

Examples of cutting services we offer:

Marble water cutting
Granite water cutting
Tile water cutting
PVC water cutting
Stone water cutting
Slate water cutting
Stainless steel water cutting
Brass etching
Aluminium etching

The list above is by no means exhaustive. If you’d like a material cut, engraved, shaped or reamed etc, that isn’t listed above, please get in touch. Detail the material, thickness and cutting requirements in your enquiry and we’ll do our best to help. The list of things we can’t cut is tiny in comparison to list of things we can.

What we can’t cut:

Tempered glass