What can you cut?

We can cut virtually any material – tough ones such as titanium, granite, carbon fibre through plastic and rubber to delicate ones like glass, leather and fabrics.

What can’t you cut?

There is very little we cannot cut.  We are often asked to cut toughened glass – we have not found a process that will cut it.

Can you etch materials without cutting right through?

Using our waterjet, we can form grooves in stone and ceramic materials, to give the appearance of a grout joint or to receive an insert of a different material.  Using our blast etching process, we can create complex designs, that can, if required be painted or resin filled.  We can also apply non-slip resin for stair treads.

Does the cutting process affect the physical structure of material?

Unlike processes such as plasma and laser cutting, because our process is cold, there is no heat affected zone created around the cut (often a problem with materials which require welding after cutting).  Because the cutting medium is water, porous materials such as paper can swell.

How much does it cost?

This depends on the time taken and, of course, the size of the job.  The speed of cutting is a function of the density of the material and its thickness.

What is the maximum size of material you can handle?

The maximum size on plan for our cutting tables is 2800 x 1500mm and the weight limit for any individual piece is 1500kg.

Is there a limit to the thickness of material?

Our machines have accommodated 110mm thick cast iron, and 200mm thick granite.

What tolerance can you work to?

We can work to +/- 0.25mm.

How is the material packed after cutting?

It is packed to suit your requirements.  Complex designs, with many different components, will be packed and palletted to suit your site needs (such as programme and site conditions) and each piece will be cross-referenced to a plan.

Can you combine different materials?

Yes we can!  We are frequently asked to set metal logos in stone or to cut and bond different stones and tiles together to create a stunning visual experience.

Where can I get a brochure for The Aquacut Group's new brochure

There are two ways - either click here for Aquacut Group's new brochure or email sales@aquacut.co.uk and we will send one by post