At Aquacut, we have different technologies to enable us to etch and paint a variety of materials.  We can etch stone, porcelain, ceramics, glazed materials, concrete, metals, plastics and glass.  By combining materials, designers, artists and architects have been able to create really imaginative and stunning pieces of work as well as highly effective signage, images and logos.

Feel free to call us to discuss how Aquacut can help you liberate your imagination to create unique and attractive building finishes.

Aquacut’s work is installed in premises around the world.  Our technology is in demand to create;

  • Signs
  • Logos
  • Works of art
  • Entrance mats
  • Directional pointers

Etching on its own works best with dark material to give a stronger contrast, however designers have valued the subtlety an etched design in lighter material can show, with the design becoming more or less visible as the viewer moves over the face of the material.

Aquacut also offers secialist paints which were developed for exterior and interior applications.  Paints with specific RAL colours can be mixed and when combined with an etched surface may increase the design’s visibility and impact.


Welsh FA badge etched into porcelain tiles at entrance to HQ, by Aquacut




Etched glazed bricks gives very effective signage in Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester


Etched concrete can give very effective signage.  The Nobel Oil for their UK HQ was etched onto very smooth concrete to expose the textured pebbles and sand underneath – very effective


These signs etched then painted with specialist paints may be created in natural stone or tiles or cementitious products such as concrete pavers