The full range of services Aquacut offers the building industry makes the company unique in the UK.  Furniture cladding usually combines a number of our services such as waterjet cutting, mitring, etching, bullnosing, metal inlays and epoxy bonding.


Cladding furniture and vanity units enables the commission of unique and eye-catching furniture in homes and offices.  Cladding also enables creative designers to liberate their imagination by combining different materials such as metals in tiles or stone, etching and painting to create stand-out pieces.

Here we see a vanity unit during stages of fabrication in thin porcelain. Starting on the left we get the carcass manufactured by the customer’s professionals.  After careful preparation and finalising the design details, we cut the porcelain to size, mitre the edges, clad the carcass and then finish off the work to give a stunning, unique piece. Note how we cut the porcelain to ensure as far as possible that the ‘veins’ in the tile flow over the sides to give the impression of depth, also we have cut out the holes for the taps and sinks.

Please note that we do not fabricate the carcass/substrate which must be achieved under the supervision of your professional designer/architect.  There are a number of factors your advisor will take into account including the location of the furniture, suitability of design for purpose, the  effects of thermal expansion, humidity range and whether there is the risk of water penetration.

Cube clad in thin porcelain.  Note how the design flows around the cube to give a stunning effect.