St David’s Centre, Cardiff

They chose us because this project undertook two jobs requiring different skills and they knew we had the technical expertise required for both.

The first job was cutting and bonding stainless-steel lettering into a limestone floor. This highlighted the line of the old city wall

The second project was a design 15m in diameter created by Anne Smyth. This large and intricate piece used four materials: Jana limestone, granite, glass and four different colours of Welsh slate.

Aquacut assisted Szerelmey in working with Anne to translate her elegant design in to a cutting programme. We also fabricated samples for approval and sourced the Welsh slate.

After cutting, each piece of limestone was individually etched with a unique pattern.

The complex interlocking geometry of the central elements demanded pinpoint accuracy and corresponding precision when fixed onsite.

Delivery of such a complex piece also presented a number of challenges. The irregular shapes meant we had to pack them in a way that offered maximum protection while allowing unpacking to suit the sequence of site operations.