Lost your sense of direction - then a waterjet cut compass by Aquacut could be just what you need!

For many years now Aquacut have been creating and producing iconic compass designs for entrance halls, atria, lobbies, showrooms, shops, hotels, car dealerships and many many more.  Aquacut can combine almost any materials using waterjet cutting and epoxy bonding.  The process is as follows

compass water jet cut and etched by aquacut from tile and stone


  1. Architects' or designers' drawings are first converted to CAD files by Aquacut's experienced and creative team of CAD developers
  2. Materials are selected and backing boards selected to add strength if required and to compensate for different material thicknesses
  3. CNC files are then created with allowances built in for kerf (the material lost in the water jet cutting process) and for the required grout joint
  4. The chosen materials are presented to the waterjet cutting beds and water jet cut to shape and size
  5. After drying off the water jet cut pieces are either packed up and sent to the client, individually numbered and with an annotated plan for easy installation OR
  6. They are epoxy bonded to any required backing boards and the water jet cut pieces are bonded together to create the finished design ready for despatch to the customer
If you would like a stunning compass in any size or material for your project then please contact Stuart or Simon on 01565 750 666 or via email on sales@aquacut.co.uk  (Open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm)