December 14 Friday

Waterjet cutting glass - the how's and what's!

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Waterjet Cutting Glass is a little bit different process in many ways than cutting other materials.  However, generally speaking you can cut any type of glass except for “Tempered Glass”.

Over the past 40 years in waterjet cutting Aquacut have been involved in cutting many different types of glass for many different types of projects.  We have cut everything from glass logos, to stained glass panels.  Aquacut have cut bullet proof glass for security desks (back before the developed plastics for that purpose).   We have also cut plug socket cutouts in large bathroom mirrors and kitchen splashbacks for some very high end interior design projects.

Aquacut have cut many thousands of pieces of glass over the years and waterjet cutting glass presents some specific challenges.  A couple of which are that you must be very careful if you are to cut a hole out of the center of the glass as piercing glass is rather touchy business.  If the cutting stream doesn’t have sufficient abrasive flow when you fire on the jet it will just shatter the glass or blow a big star chip out of it.




One way to get around that is to lower the pressure of the water enough so that it will not break the glass from just the stream hitting it without the abrasive.  That may sound like an easy solution but since the abrasive is actually pulled into the cutting head by a vacuum that is created in the cutting head by a “venturi effect” from the water passing through the mixing chamber, the lower the water pressure the slower the stream is moving.  That in turn lowers the amount of vacuum generated in the chamber raising the risk that there will not be enough abrasive to make the pierce work.

There is a very fine line between having the pressure low enough to not break the glass and still being able to create enough vacuum to pull the abrasive into the head to make it cut.  Then once you get through the glass with the stream you need to have enough pressure to cut the glass at a decent cutting speed.  The best solution is that most modern waterjet cutting systems have the ability to pierce at low pressure that you preset to whatever pressure that is needed for the specific type of glass you are cutting then ramps up to a higher pressure for the actual cutting of the shape. There are still some risks but this has helped out a great deal with the whole process from what it was 40 years ago.


The second problem with waterjet cutting glass is that glass will break when it flexes too much and waterjet cutting will put a certain amount of down pressure on the glass during the cutting process.  This pressure increases the faster you try to cut.  So the faster that you try to cut the higher the risk of cracks developing in the material as you are cutting it.  There is an added risk of the glass flexing down and then back up as you go if it is not completely supported by a perfectly flat surface.  This is especially bad in thinner glass as it flexes easier.  Due to this issue it is more of a problem in larger pieces than smaller ones.  That can be a difficult thing to accomplish when you are cutting on top of slats that constantly get chopped up from the cutting stream passing over them so they are often not a nice flat surface to support the glass.


That is why we normally use Nidaplast to support our glass as we cut.  Nidaplast is a product that has a planed surface that is perfectly flat to support the glass.  It adds cost to the process certainly but will greatly lower the risk of breakage during cutting so is often offset by the higher yield of parts you get.  It also allows you to cut much smaller parts without losing them into the cutting tank.  You can cut parts down to as small as 1″ or even smaller sometimes with this system.

So it is better to go slow and safe when waterjet cutting glass.


With thanks to Accurate Waterjet


We are here to help - contact Simon or Steve at Aquacut on 01565 750 666 (Mon to Fri 9am to 4:30pm) or via email You can visit our websites at & Aquacut Ltd, Unit 10 Parkgate Industrial Estate, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 8XP Registered in England 3492068


December 04 Tuesday

20mm porcelain - how to cut it - everything you needed to know

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20mm porcelain is rapidly becoming the material of choice for landscapers due to its impervious nature and wide availability in a wide range of finishes.  But it's hardness and sometimes brittle edges bring other problems which the Aquacut Group are ideally placed to solve.

The Aquacut Group's solutions fall into two areas:

1. Water jet cutting of the customer's tiles on our premises in Knutsford and Appleton.  This is the ideal solution if a lot of tiles need to be cut or for bespoke curves, bevels, step cladding or for where the landscapers own methods are resulting in high waste and/or breakages.  Aquacut's waterjet cutting technology can pierce porcelain at a wide variety of pressures to avoid the cracking that sometimes occurs when the pressures in a tile are released during the cutting process.  High pressure abrasive waterjet cutting is an established ,method of cutting stone and tile and can save Aquacut's customers time, money and many headaches over doing it themselves.  For further information call Simon or Steve on 01565 750 666

2. Tilers Tools is a subsidiary of the Aquacut Group and are the sole distributors in the UK of Ramondi wet saws and bridge saws.  See here for further information.  Tilers Tools also stock Kaufmann tile cutters.  These are the best solutions for straight cutting tiles on site where decisions are being made "on the hoof" about which cuts are required.  Jim Stott, our national sales director, is a time served tiler and is only too happy to answer your questions about the range of machines available from Tilers Tools - you can contact him on 07860 502 410 or call the office on 01565 344 860 where Andy and Stuart will be happy to help with your enquiries.


20mm porcelain step tread manufactured at Aquacut with mitred and bevelled edges for a smooth and resilient finish

November 28 Wednesday

Waterjet Quality - a consumer's guide

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Waterjet Cut Quality is one of the most important choices that you can make in having a project cut.  The choices range from the basic rough separation cut through medium cuts where the edge quality is less important to smooth finishes where the edge is going to be seen after installation 

Everyone needs to understand how their waterjet supplier rates their waterjet cut quality, which is generally determined by the brand of machines that they use for the cutting process.  Aquacut can discuss the options with you and even provide sample cuts so that the quality of the cut finish can be assessed before the project is started.


Waterjet cutting is one of those rare activities where quality really does equate to price - the better the quality the longer it takes to cut. 

Separation Cut

 A separation cut, which is a very rough cut, will be characterized by many very pronounced lines called striations running somewhat parallel to the stream cut along the edge of the material.  You will often get the strange globs at the bottom of the cut due to the kick back of the stream as it is skipping when it is barely getting through the material.  The thicker the material the more pronounced these will be.  These striations can cause variations in dimensions that could be as much as 1/8″ in materials of 3″ thickness or more.  Because this is the quickest cut, it is also the cheapest.

Normal Cut

At Aquacut we will always use a normal cut or better unless you specifically request something rougher.  We recommend that, unless the cut edge is completely hidden top and bottom, you use this type of cut.  The top of the cut will be completely smooth with just a few striations lower down (or none at all in thinner materials)

seen edge cut

 A seen edge cut will have none of the above mentioned striations at all and will have a minimal amount of roughness.  This can give you a finished part that will not require further machining at all in order to be usable as a completed part in many cases.  As a reference it might take 11.5 minutes to cut a part with a seen edge cut quality, but would only take 3.5 minutes at a separation cut quality.  The normal cut would be in the middle at 6.5 minutes.  Since cost has a direct relation to cutting time, and edge quality is driven by cutting speed, you can see that edge quality is a major driver in cost of cutting a project.

We will usually ask what the end product is to be used for in order to help you make an informed decision on edge quality.  We want you to be an informed consumer, and feel that knowledge is power in your shopping experience. 

When you come to Aquacut Waterjet Cutters we will routinely ask you what waterjet cut quality you would like to have as it is important that every customer goes away feeling that they got what they expected at the very least if not more.  BEWARE OF THE LOWEST BID, AS YOU NORMALLY GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

We are here to help - contact Simon or Steve at Aquacut on 01565 750 666 (Mon to Fri 9am to 4:30pm) or via email

With thanks to Advanced Waterjet


November 15 Thursday

Want a striking backlit logo on a sign in tile or stone? - Aquacut have the answers

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This great looking logo for a famous bakery was made at Aquacut

A 1000x500mm tile was waterjet cut from a cad file supplied by the customer.  Aquacut's cad team cleaned up the file and converted it to CNC using their state of the art software ready for feeding to the waterjet cutting bed.  The water jet cutters cut it with a base material to  provide support.  The finished item will be back lit to provide a really distinctive sign outside the customer's premises.

We're here to help - contact Simon on or Steve on or on 01565 750 666

Aquacut Group, Unit 10 The Grove, Parkgate Industrial Estate, Knutsford, WA16 8XP


November 04 Sunday

Putting an edge on it - the choice is your's at Aquacut

by Graham Heap

Ever wondered how to put a smart finished edge to your stone or tiles? 

Look no further. Aquacut have invested in state of the art machinery to give you almost any edge finish you like - half noses, microbevels, mitres, full,bullnoses, eased profiles - the range is almost limitless as you can see in the image below.

Micro bevels by Aquacut below gives a smart and sophisticated finish to a landscaping job - this project was for a terrace next to a lawn and, we are told, looks stunning in situ.

Also available are artisan finishes for basin inserts, vanity cabinets and other bespoke items - all are hand finished by Aquacut's team of skilled craftsmen and polished for a smooth, sleek & sophisticated final product

We are here to help - contact Simon or Steve at Aquacut on 01565 750 666 (Mon to Fri 9am to 4:30pm) or via email



October 26 Friday

Sign making in granite at Aquacut - memories of Ashford in Kent

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Waterjet cutting

So what's new this week?

Aquacut are making signs, recording the memories of the inhabitants of Ashford in Kent over the last 100 years.

The pieces for the installations are pink granite slabs 100x60cm and 50mm thick (they weigh a ton!)

The process goes as follows:

  1. ·         Text is uploaded to Aquacut's CAD machine and converted to a CNC by Stevie, the CAD manager                                                       
  2. ·         The file is fed to the vinyl cutter on which the stencils are cut into 2mm rubber masking tape on a self adhesive background.              
  3. ·         The stencil is then applied to the granite slabs and the lettering "picked" by magic Mike who has the patience of a saint necessary for such work.  He has to pick of all the letter surrounds and leave the centres in place on the A,B,D,O,P,Q,R's.                                           
  4. ·         The slab is then presented to the blast cabinet where it is blasted with aluminium oxide particles to form distinct lettering in the face of the slab.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  5. ·         The resulting finish is then cleaned and the lettering spray painted to form a distinct outline.                                                                         
  6. ·         The rest of the mask, including the letter centres is removed and the surface cleaned and sealed.                                                              
  7. ·         A rigorous QC procedure follows to ensure that every letter is clear and distinct (hopefully the spellcheck was done at the first stage!)                                                                                                                                                                                                                 



All done!
Happy to help Any questions?
You can call Aquacut on 01565 750 666 (Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm) or Tilers Tools on 01565 344 860 (Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm)
Tilers Tools (Jim Stott) on 07860 502410
email on

Aquacut Ltd, Unit 10 Parkgate Industrial Estate, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 8XP Registered in England 3492068

September 17 Monday

Keeping it clean - Aquacut Group’s latest agency, FILA, manufacturer of world leading wall and floor covering treatments

by admin

Aquacut are proud to announce that they are now offering the entire range of Fila floor and wall treatment products to complement Raimondi & IMEX by Tilers Tools, EMCO & Profilitec by TT Trims.

Fila are world leaders in the science and production of floor and wall treatments and have distribution centres worldwide – Aquacut have gone into partnership with Fila as their product ranges complement each other perfectly.

Fila products fall into 5 groups

  1. Pre-treatment – water repellent protectors protect floors between laying and grouting – ideal for absorbent materials such as quarry tiles, stone, agglomerates and terracotta
  2. Washing after laying – a product for every surface – makes the subsequent stages of protection and maintenance easier
  3. Protection – prevents the absorption of water and oil stains, makes maintenance simpler and prolongs the life of materials – includes stain protection, water and dirt repellence, anti-graffiti again for all materials
  4. Finishing – Fila wax products nourish the floor, protects the surface from wear, gives a variety of finishes from shiny to matt
  5. Maintenance – the right product for any situation and/or material – reinforces the protective layer and removes surface dirt and stains

Ask us for a copy of the Fila brochure which has flow charts to guide you through the best methods for protecting and enhancing all types of floor and wall finishes.  There is also a leaflet with a quick guide to selecting the correct product for the correct application.  Call Andy on 01565 344 860 for brochures, leaflets and prices.

Tilers Tools are stocking the full range of Fila products at their new warehouse in Appleton, near Warrington, just two minutes from the M6/M56 junction – customers can either call in and collect, or order on the phone by 3pm for next working day delivery.

Tilers Tools (part of the Aquacut Group)

Unit 4AStretton Distribution CentreOff Grappenhall LaneAppletonWarringtonWA4 4QT

Tel: 01565 344 860


August 30 Thursday

Waterjet cutting - why do it and what are the benefits?

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No Heat Affected Zone

There are many advantages of waterjet cutting. As opposed to flame, plasma & laser cutting, waterjet and abrasivejet cutting produce no heat affected zone to work harden the cut edges. Therefore you are able to cut various metals, plastics and other materials without melting, distorting or warping them.

Incredible Precision

Waterjet/Abrasivejet Cutting gives us a way to routinely cut precision parts with tolerances as close as ± 0.005" and better when required. Cutting is controlled by a computer and special software which follows profiles/part geometry designed using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.

No special tooling required

Water jet cutting requires no special expensive tools, everything is computer controlled and cutting is through the same head regardless of the materials being cut

What are Waterjet Cutting Edge Qualities?

Cut edge qualities range from Q1 to Q5. Q1 is the fastest cut and is used primarily for material separation. Depending on edge finish requirements, slower cutting speeds of Q2 through Q5 are selected. Parts requiring close tolerance geometry will of course require smoother edge finishes in that area of the part. (Note: Some other terms also used in the industry to indicate cut speed or edge quality - 100%, 80%, 60%, 40% & 20% or Fastest, Medium fast, Normal, Better & Best)





What Materials can a Waterjet Machine cut?

A Waterjet Machine can cut almost any flat material. A few of the more common materials are listed below.

  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Tool Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Alloys
  • UHMW
  • Delrin
  • Phenolics
  • Laminates
    • Cork
    • Spring Steel
    • Lexan
    • Polycarbonate
    • Acrylic
    • Reflective Metals
    • Rubber
    • Ceramic
    • Composites
    • And Many Other Materials...

Call Aquacut on 01565 750 666 or enquire on for more information





August 09 Thursday

Rapid expansion at the Aquacut Group with the introduction of even more products for the buildings finishes, landscaping and fitting out industries

by admin

Well it’s all go here at Aquacut with the introduction of new products to complement our existing range -  Aquacut are now your one stop shop for all and any flooring solutions - The Aquacut Group now consist of three main divisions:

  • AQUACUT are waterjet cutters - cutting stone, tile, glass, metal, plastic & wood using high pressure abrasive waterjets - the division consists of:

1.     AQUACUT Waterjet cutting
2.     Bullnosing
3.     Step fabrication
4.     Anti slip/slip reduction treatments for tile and stone

  • TILERS TOOLS represent RAIMONDI tools for tilers - selling wet saws and bridge saws, manual saws, large format tile handling systems and every tool a tiler would wish to use - also introducing FILA and IMEX

1.     RAIMONDI  tools for tilers
2.     FILA flooring solutions -floor cleaning products, preventative solutions, floor treatments and maintenance products
3.     IMEX - laser levelling systems and measuring products

  • TT TRIMS represent PROFILITEC SpA’s high quality trims, profiles and wet-room systems as well as EMCO matting systems

1.     PROFILITEC – manufacturers of trims for tile edges, walls, floors, stair nosings, expansion joints, drainage systems and skirtings
2.     EMCO – entrance matting, logos, swimming pool drainage surrounds

Contact details: – 015656 750 666 –

Tilers – Jim Stott on 07860 502 410 or the office on 01565 344 860 –

TT – Andy Pilkington on 01565 344 860


August 02 Thursday

Did you know...? The many and diverse uses for a waterjet cutting machine

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10 things you didn't know you could do with a waterjet cutting machine...


 1. Food (lettuce, pizza, chocolate & more) as it is sterile and there is no heat in the process

2. Works of art - Aquacut work with sculptors, designers & artists in all metals, stone, wood, glass & plastics

3. One off, bespoke & prototype parts because no special tooling is required - Aquacut just need a cad file and will do the rest 

4. Cutting plug & switch holes and other openings in glass, tile and metal splashbacks and oven backings

5. Old keys that you can't just take to yourlocal key cutter

6. Etching designs, lettering & numbering in the face of stone, glass and metal tiles 

tiles etched by aquacut

8. All sorts of weird and wonderful things as you can see on the waterjet channel on Youtube here

9. Signage for all locations - Aquacut will combine any materials to make your bespoke signage - such as in brass and stone, glass and wood, plastic and tile or any combination of these materials

10. Waterejet cutting was invented for the lumber industry and is still used extensively for chopping up big tree trunks into planks 


Contact Steve or Simon on 015656 750 666 forall your cutting requirements

February 22 Thursday

Swimming pool and patio project covers nearly all of Aquacut Waterjet Cutters' range of services

by admin

All sorts of curves were required by the landscaper for this swimming pool project for a private client.  15mm slate patio edging was water jet cut by Aquacut and then bullnosed on Aquacut's recently acquired state of the art bullnosing machinery.  In addition the step treads were bullnosed and a slip reduction treatment applied (in this case, the treads were grooved with three slots and filled with k-grip in a matching colour).


The pool edge was first backed with stainless steel for added strength, then waterjet cut on both curved edges and bullnosed from full bodied porcelain and finally polished before installation.

The last part of the project for Aquacut was to water jet the curves in the tiles below the retaining wall.  Aquacut's design attended the site and templated the curves before transferring the templates to a CAD file.  The 20mm stone tiles were waterjet cut to match and the individual pieces numbered and matched to a plan which was printed off for the landscaper's installation team.

The customer was delighted and Aquacut are proud to have been associated, once again, with such a pleasing project.

All enquiries, please, to 01565 750 666 or

Twitter @aquacut

February 16 Friday

Swimming pool grilles with slip reduction treatment by Aquacut

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Aquacut were asked to create a swimming pool surround in reconstituted stone and porcelain.  The brief was for an inlaid pool grille, backed with stainless steel for additional strength, with a slip reduction treatment near the pool edge and a return riser to increase the overall thickness.  A job like this is meat and drink for Aquacut's team of skilled craftsmen and the process was as follows:

  1. Waterjet cut reconstituted stone to form outer surface, inner surface and the inner and outer risers, creating mitred edges between the surface pieces and the risers at the same time
  2. Waterjet cut full bodied porcelain to size and with the pool grille holes
  3. Waterjet stainless steel backing to size and with pool grille holes
  4. Form three grooves in each of the inner surface pieces at 3mmx3mm using Aquacut's brand new grooving and bullnsoing machinery
  5. Bond porcelain grille pieces onto stainless backing piece with epoxy resin ensuring the grille holes line up perfectly
  6. Bond the risers to the surface pieces, again with epoxy resin
  7. Epoxy bond the three sections (inner and outer surfaces, and grille with stainless backing) together to form a complete swimming pool grille

Further treatments are also available from Aquacut

  • The outer edges can be mitred or bullnosed with a variety of profiles
  • The anti-slip treatment can be enhanced with a resin fill or paint finish in a variety of colours, or with metal bar inserts
If you have a project where these applications would be useful then, please, contact Aquacut (Simon, Steve or Stuart) on 01565 750 666 or by email


pool grille, swimming pool, infinity pool, aquacut, waterjet cut, water jet cut, tile, stone, etched

January 19 Friday

All go in the Aquacut Group as EMCO, the world's leading manufacturer of entrance matting, joins Aquacut, Tilers Tools & TT Trims to form a complete buildings finishes offering

by admin

Aquacut Group are delighted to announce their brand new alliance with EMCO.  Aquacut, through their TT Trims division, will be stocking a wide range of EMCO's modular entrance matting products which will be available for next day delivery throughout the UK.  Aquacut Managing Director, Stuart Middleton, says "The Emco range of products dovetails beautifully with our current offering and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with EMCO.  We chose to form a partnership with EMCO because of the unrivalled quality of their manufacturing and installation, and because their reputation is second to none in the construction and fitting out industries."  EMCO regional manager, Matthew Wiggs, says "Aquacut Group's new premises are ideally located to serve our UK customer base.  Aquacut are currently involved with all the markets we serve and we, at EMCO, feel that this is a great fit for both Aquacut and us.  I am very confident that we will be working together for many years to come."
Spectacular entrance matting at prestigious retail outlet
EMCO entrance matting comes in modular, bespoke, closed and drop through systems - reduces cleaning bills, maintains in store cleanliness and can be branded to match your company image..
EMCO matting fits in with your brand image with bespoke branding manufactured to the highest quality
EMCO's modular CONNEXX 12mm and AVIATOR 12mm & 17mm systems provide a wonderfully simple, yet effective, solution for entrance matting requirements in all situations
If you would like to learn more about the EMCO range of then please contact the office on 01565 344860 or sales director (North & Midlands) Jim Stott on 07860 502410 or sales manager (South) Iain Palmer on 07973 440973.  Alternatively our email is
The Aquacut Group
Unit 4a Stretton Distribution Centre, off Grappenhall Lane, Appleton
01565 344860
January 05 Friday

New Year - right it's back to work please ladies and gentlemen!

by admin

Welcome back to work to all our colleagues, customers and suppliers - Aquacut are back at work and raring to go!

2018 promises to be an excellent year - Aquacut will be moving the waterjet cutting, bullnosing and step fabrication operations lock, stock & barrel to new premises in Appleton, near Warrington (where the other parts of the Aquacut Group, Tilers Tools & TT Trims are already ensconced).

The installation of additional waterjet cutting machinery and high pressure pumps will increase Aquacut's waterjet cutting capacity by 50% and provide additional employment in the Northwest.  Combined with Aquacut's step cladding and fabrication operations, bullnosing & etching machinery and materials finishing capabilities, the new machinery means that Aquacut have the capacity to handle even the largest of projects from one site.  Improved quality control will result and the ability to cut larger and thicker materials adds a further arrow to Aquacut's quiver!

In addition the Aquacut Group will be further enhanced with the addition of the EMCO agency - EMCO are one of the world's leading manufacturers of entrance mat systems that are designed to reduce dirt and damp in buildings.

  You can find us here 

Aquacut, Tilers Tools, TT Trims, EMCO


December 14 Thursday

Seasonal shutdown at Aquacut - your one stop shop for waterjet cutting, tile cutting, stone cutting, bullnosing, etching & step fabrication

by Graham Heap

Seasonal shutdown at the Aquacut Group


Tilers Tools wish all our clients, suppliers and friends a very happy Christmas and 2018


It's that time of year again for the seasonal shutdown at the Aquacut Group and to send our seasonal greetings to all of our loyal clients, friends and suppliers and wish you a very enjoyable break.

We will be closed 25th and 26th December and the 1st January 2018.  We will be operating with a skeleton staff on the 21st, 22nd, 27th, 28th and 29th December, so should you find difficulty getting in touch with someone, please feel free to leave a message on our answer machine  on 01565 344 860 or email and we will get back to  you as soon as possible.

December 14 Thursday

Seasonal shutdown at Aquacut - your one stop shop for waterjet cutting, tile cutting, stone cutting, bullnosing, etching & step fabrication

by admin

Seasonal shutdown at the Aquacut Group


Tilers Tools wish all our clients, suppliers and friends a very happy Christmas and 2018


It's that time of year again for the seasonal shutdown at the Aquacut Group and to send our seasonal greetings to all of our loyal clients, friends and suppliers and wish you a very enjoyable break.

We will be closed 25th and 26th December and the 1st January 2018.  We will be operating with a skeleton staff on the 21st, 22nd, 27th, 28th and 29th December, so should you find difficulty getting in touch with someone, please feel free to leave a message on our answer machine  on 01565 344 860 or email and we will get back to  you as soon as possible.

October 19 Thursday

Aquacut Group's great new brochure

by admin

Exciting times at the Aquacut Group - Tilers Tools & TT Trims are already at our much larger new location in Appleton near the Lymm M6/M56 junction and our main waterjet cutting and building finishes fabrication business will be moving there next year. We are in the process of building much more capacity to satisfy increasing demand from our regular clients. 

As we have expanded our range, we thought that this would be the ideal time to introduce our new brochure which, for the first time, gives our customers greater clarity on the three divisions of the Aquacut Group - including all the ones you didn't know we do!


Have a look at our great new brochure here - it's full of ideas and services - if you'd like us to send you a hard copy please email:


Happy to help.

Any questions?


You can call Aquacut on 01565 750 666


Tilers Tools (Jim Stott) on 07860 502410


TT Trims (Iain Palmer) on 07973 440973

or email on

or our landlines

Aquacut on 01565 750 666

or Tilers Tools & TT Trims on 01565 344 860


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September 04 Monday

What exactly is this waterjet cutting malarkey?

by Graham Heap

What is WaterJet Cutting?

The Cutting Process

  • Waterjet Cutting is uses a 50,000 psi pump to generate a very high-pressure high velocity jet of water, which has abrasive fed into the stream.  There is approxiamtely a million pounds of force at the point of impact.  On soft materials, water only can be used.
  • The jet is narrowed through a diamond then through a hardened tungsten focussing tube
  • The width of the cut is 0.4mm < 1.0mm depending on cutting speeds and materials and the cut quality required.
  • There is very little heat generated directly to the material in the cutting process, so the intrinsic qualities of materials are not affected allowing for further machining for threads and precision gearing for example.
  • Waterjet cutting offers several qualities of cut which depend on the hardness and thickness of the material and the speed of cut - the final use required for the material normally denotes the quality of finish.
  • Our maximum cutting dimensions are 2900 mm x 1500 mm and we can handle materials up to 3000 mm x 1700 mm.
  • Waterjets are very good at cutting thick materials.


Waterjets have the ability to cut a wide and diverse range of materials.

  • Tiles, stone, composite materials, granite, porcelain tiles, terracotta tiles, concrete.
  • Hardened Tool Steels, Mild Steels, Stainless Steels, Titanium, Copper, Brass, Aluminium, Nickel, Bronze & Specialised Alloys.
  • Plastics, Hard Rubber
  • Composites including Carbon, Kevlar and Glass fibre, Tufnol.
  • Glass, Plain and Laminated including Bullet Resistant.
  • Ceramics, Graphite, Wood.
  • Granite, Marble, Sandstone and Stone Substitutes, Concrete.
  • Laminations of dissimilar materials.
  • If your material is not listed here, please give us a call.



  • Aquacut use the latest software and cnc technology and  can cut within a tolerance of +/- 0.25 mm over 2.5 mtrs. and +/- 0.125 mm over 500mm.
  • The latest nesting software enables the most efficient use of materials



  • Waterjet cutting is extremely flexible and, because there are virtually no tooling costs, Aquacut can cut single samples and test cuts or large quantities as required
  • We can accept drawings in may cad formats and can also visit premises to make templates or even convert hand sketched drawings and produce samples for final approval


  • waterjet cutting, water jet cutting, steel, glass, marble, granite, limestone, copper, aluminium, knutsford, cheshire, uk, northwest


July 16 Sunday

Fabulous staircase waterjet cut and bullnosed by Aquacut

by Graham Heap

Aquacut were approached by an interior designer who works exclusively with high net worth clients in the North West.  She wanted to create a fabulous yet beautiful staircase for her client using pink limestone.  Each step tread is uniquely shaped with its own profile and Aquacut were required to work to a high degree of accuracy to ensure all the pieces fitted perfectly.  Aquacut water jet cut each tread and then applied a full bullnose before cutting the risers (all with Aquacut's state of the art abrasive waterjet technology).  The staircase feet are completely bespoke and are formed from six layers of limestone which were epoxy bonded together and topped with the circular bullnosed cap you can see in the picture below.  

Next, holes were cut in the treads to receive the wrought ironwork balustrade and the treads and risers were then bonded together with a reinforcing piece to enable easy installation on site.

This really is a fabulous looking piece of work - if you would like to discuss creating your own majestic staircase then please contact Simon or Stuart on 01565 750 666 or via email on


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June 21 Wednesday

Waterjet cutting shines through when cutting thicker and tougher materials

by admin

It is true that most waterjets are used for engineering applications cutting steel, aluminum, rubber, foam & other metals. Aquacut feel the thicker and tougher applications are where waterjet really comes into its own.  I’ll highlight some that Aquacut believe best illustrate abrasive waterjet capabilities.

  1. Stone
  2. Composites
  3. Exotic metal: Titanium and Inconel
  4. Thick insulation
  5. Cement board

The first three are abrasive waterjet related, and the last two use pure waterjet.

Stone cutting with waterjets

Kitchen and bathroom countertops are often made of granite, marble, or engineered stone (usually a quartz and epoxy resin combination). The initial pattern of stone countertops are often cut with abrasive waterjet.


Stone inlays are artistic pieces used to beautify floors of hotel lobbies, borders around rooms, table tops, or other decorative pieces in architecture. The abrasive waterjet is used heavily in these applications. Whenever you see ornate geometry such as vines, flowers, leaves or complex geometry in a stone inlay it almost always was cut with an abrasive waterjet. Alternative methods for cutting stone in these applications include saws, routers and grinding. The abrasive waterjet’s thin stream and the fast and simple art to part sequence frees designers from nearly all manufacturing limitations. Very detailed cutting patterns are possible and no special tooling is required.

Waterjets in composite cutting

Composites are highly engineered materials, usually selected for use because of their strength to weight ratio. They are stronger than metal per pound (but lighter in weight), delivering a weight reduction that’s highly desirable in the transportation and sporting industries.


Composites such as fiberglass and carbon fiber reinforced plastic are challenging to cut using traditional methods because of the heat generated in the process. The material is comprised of usually two components; some type of resin epoxy and cloth made of fibers. The epoxy can burn and the fibers can become damaged during cutting. Engineers using composites want to avoid epoxy burning, micro cracks, and delamination, as well as fiber pull out, breakage, and whiskers. All of these problems are avoided when cut with the abrasive waterjet. The gentle supersonic erosion process removes small amounts of material at high speed, where no heat has time to be transferred and the forces are very localized. Abrasive waterjet is used to trim composite boat hulls for personal watercraft, cut sporting goods products, trim automobile components, and cut huge commercial airplane parts and small airplane clips and parts.

Waterjet cutting of exotic metals

A lot of mild steel (carbon steel) and aluminum are cut in the world today. As a result, abrasive waterjet cuts a lot of mild steel and aluminum. However, exotic metals used in advanced applications cut extremely well with abrasive waterjet technology, yet pose real problems for other cutting processes. Titanium is much harder and lighter than steel, and are used in applications such as aircraft and places where weight should be reduced. Nickel alloys (steel with nickel added) are very stable at high temperatures and are often used in engines where the component should not enlarge or deform with extreme heat.

Milling titanium alloys or nickel alloys is difficult because the cutting process with a mill is very slow, generates a lot of heat, and quickly wears out the bit. Abrasive waterjet is often used to either produce highly accurate finished parts, or to rough cut a part to a good tolerance to later be finished on the mill (thereby reducing processing time and saving expensive material due to the thin kerf cut of abrasive waterjet). A Flow waterjet, for example, can cut titanium faster than steel, and nickel alloy at approximately the same speed as steel.

Cutting insulation material with waterjet

Insulation material used in  HVAC, automotive, or in the walls of buildings and homes can be difficult to cut, often utilizing some type of fiberglass, either crushed or very “fluffy.” A pure waterjet can cut fiberglass very quickly, even the very thick fiberglass insulation that you might use in the attic of your home. Patterns are cut in the HVAC and automotive industries, and simple slitting is performed on the thick and fluffy insulation cutting with pure waterjet.

Cement board cutting with waterjet

Cement board is commonly used today as a building product. Usually between 1 to 3 cm thick, it provides strength, moisture resilience, and can be formed into various shapes. It is generally used for building siding, substrate for wall tile, or as underlayment for floors. Cement board can be cut with a saw, which is the obvious cutting tool of choice at the job site. However, in the factory it is often desirable to cut the cement board when it is in an uncured state, sometimes called a green state. Here is where the pure waterjet shines.  Much like slitting paper, the pure waterjet can easily be integrated into the manufacturing line to slit the cement board before final curing. And similarly to stone material, the abrasive waterjet can be used to cut cement board into intricate shapes after the cement board has been cured (hardened).


When it comes to tough applications, the pure waterjet and the abrasive waterjet really shine. The gentle supersonic erosion and very thin cutting stream provide manufacturers with a versatile and capable tool.

Aquacut welcome all enquiries for your cutting, bonding and etching requirements on 01565 750 666or via email on

(with thanks to Chip Burnham of Flowblog

May 26 Friday

Town planners- for a really dramatic image of your plan - look no further!

by admin


Aquacut's client, a major London based architect wanted a dramatic wall feature for their offices in Canary Wharf.  After much discussion he decided to have a town layout of the ancient city of Rome.  The materials selected were basalt and basaltina, chosen for their relatively light weight and strong contrast between the etched and unetched surfaces.  

The plan was drawn up from old drawings from the British Museum as a dxf by the client and emailed to Aquacut.  Aquacut then converted the file into two master cad files, one for the basalt and the other for the basaltina.  The cad files were then subdivided into waterjet cutting files and etching files.

The next question was whether to waterjet cut first or to etch.  Based on previous experience, Aquacut decided on a compromise solution.  

1.    Cut the etching masks and apply them unpicked to the basalt/basaltina

2.    Water jet cut the masked pieces to shape - you can see in the picture where some of the basalt has been inlaid in the basaltina and areas where it is waiting to be inserted.

3.    Pick the masks to leave the areas to be etched exposed

4.    Blast etch the streets, rivers and buildings and apply sealant (to prevent dust/dirt ingress in the porous etched surfaces)

Remove the masks and bond the completed pieces together and on a backing board to enable easy installation on site.

tile, etch, town plan, aquacut, knutsford, appleton, manchester, northwest

Different materials have differing levels of contrast between their etched and unetched surfaces and the differences can be enhanced by painting or resin filling the etched areas.  The client was considering colouring the rivers and streets but was so delighted with the effect seen in the picture that he decided to leave it as it is.


For any enquiries for etched designs for floor or wall features or signage then please contact Stuart or Simon on 01565 750 666 or email


May 18 Thursday

Engineering analysts using waterjet cutting to get to the "core" of matters

by admin

Aquacut are increasingly being asked to cut sections from machined components so that engineers and designers can  analyse how the parts are performing and to discover the resaons for component failure.  

Waterjet cutting is seen as being ideal for this process as it is a largely "cold" process which means that the components are not heat affected or altered in any way before inspection and analysis can take place.  

The component seen here was one of a batch kept permanently in hostile, acid conditions and Aquacut's client's engineers were keen to ascertain if there was any internal corrosion or slippage of the separate parts.  We have no idea what their analysis came up with but it looks largely corrosion free and solid to us!

Afurther advantage of using waterjet cutting is that no special tooling is required - all that is needed for a quick clean cut is a cut path set by Aquacut's CNC operative and a small amount of garnet added to the waterflow at up to 50,000 psi.  

"Like a knife through butter" is how some of Aquacut's clients have described the process.

waterjet cutting, water jet, engineering, component, cutting, analysis, stress, failure, knutsford, northwest, manchester, uk, corrosion

Aqaucut can cut metal components up to 6" (15cm) thick - call us on 01565 750 666 or email

May 11 Thursday

Aquacut are geared up for small individual bullnosing and fabrication jobs

by admin

Beautiful circular staircase bullnosing in pink marble - all hand finished at Aquacut for the most stunning staircase.

On many jobs customers have small individual items which need a special touch and can only be hand made - call us on 01565 750 666 for any such jobs.

bullnosing, stair tread. staircase, aquacut

May 04 Thursday

Who says the classics are dead! Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man recreated in white marble by Aquacut - how do you measure up?

by admin

Leonardo's Vitruvian Man is a sketch made by the great artist and inventor in 1490 demonstrating the ideal proportions of the human figure as a guide to artists and sculptors.  The ideal body should be eight heads high, so get your tape measures out and see how you measure up to the classical ideal!  The idea of the correct proportions being more pleasing to the eye can be seen in many designs both new and ancient.  Picture frames, windows, houses, letters, cards etc etc all should ideally match the golden ratio.  For the mathematically minded this is (1+√5)/2 = 1.618…  For further information click here 

Aquacut waterjet cut this piece for an exhibition from a composite marble/stone material - it is 1200mm high but, with the right materials, Aquacut can waterjet cut figures up to 2000mm high and up to 150mm thick.  Water jet cutting is the ideal process for this type of project because it leaves smooth edges, requires no special tooling, is highly repeatable and is the process least likely to damage the material.  Approximately 1mm of material is lost in the waterjet cutting process so repeat pieces can be nested together with the minimum of lost material and Aquacut's skilled CAD operators will maximise the time and material efficiency of the water jet cutting process.

Aquacut welcome all sorts of waterjet cutting enquiries, from single decorative pieces, cuts to fit round plumbing and wiring, to large shopping centre projects and entrance logos.  Call Stuart, Simon or Steve on 01565 750 666 or fax on 01565 75 11 99 or email  We are on twitter @aquacut and facebook 

 waterjet cut,water jet cut, stone, marble, granite, stone cutting, knutsford, warrington. manchester, northwest, uk



April 27 Thursday

Demand for slip reduction treatments, step cladding and step fabrication is at an all time high at Aquacut

by admin

Aquacut MD, Stuart Middleton, says that, since Aquacut invested in new state of the art bullnosing and tile and stone grooving machinery, he has never seen demand like it.  Aquacut's wide range of slip reduction finishes include 2, 3 & 4mm metal bar (steel, aluminum & brass) bonded into grooves cut with Aquacut's new machines.  In addition resin finishes, using k-grip, paint finishes and simple sealing in of the cut grooves are very popular.

Aquacut's waterjet cutting beds are fully utilised in cutting step treads and risers for decorative step cladding.  Functional concrete steps are clad with marble, limestone, porcelain tile and many more - Aquacut waterjet cut the materials to size and then mitre, bullnose and fabricate the whole step for easy presentation on site - saving contractors many hours and money.

The step shown here has 3mm steel bar set into grooves cut across most of the width of the step tread.  The client wanted a decorative slate panel set in the limestone riser; so Aquacut waterjet cut the slate and the riser and bonded them together.  The client also wanted the appearance of a gap between the riser and tread so while fabricating the whole step Aquacut waterjet cut an divider which sits between the two pieces behind the lip of the tread and which gives a sophisticated and smart final appearance.

Call Stuart, Steve or Simon on 01565 750 666 or email sales@aquacut for further information

waterjet, slip reduction, steps, staircases, water jet, waterjet cutting, anti-slip

April 06 Thursday

Aquacut and Tilers Tools are at the Natural Stone Show 25th to 27th April at Excel, London

by admin

We will be exhibiting a wide range of Raimondi equipment, tools and consumables offered by Tilers Tools as well as many samples of the sort of work Aquacut is regularly commissioned to complete. We'd be delighted to discuss your current projects and how the Aquacut group may assist.

The Natural Stone Show, is THE place to be to meet thousands of architects, developers, designers, stonemasons, retailers & distributors - Aquacut & Tilers Tools, in association with Raimondi spa, are exhibiting and welcome you to our stand A30

  • The only UK exhibition dedicated to Natural Stone
  • Conveniently located at Excel London
  • Runs from 25th to 27th april
April 06 Thursday

Aquacut and Tilers Tools are at the Natural Stone Show 25th to 27th April at Excel, London

by admin

The Natural Stone Show, is THE place to be to meet thousands of architects, developers, designers, stonemasons, retailers & distributors - Aquacut & Tilers Tools, in association with Raimondi spa, are exhibiting and welcome you to our stand

  • The only UK exhibition dedicated to Natural Stone
  • Conveniently located at Excel London
  • Runs from 25th to 27th april
March 02 Thursday

Aquacut fabricate bespoke bar top with sink cutout and bevelled edges

by admin

Aquacut were approached by a regular client to manufacture a marble look bar top from 6mm marble decorated tile.  The customer supplied MDF templates from which Aquacut took measurements and created cad drawings to match.  Rather than using full thickness marble the client sourced a 6mm porcelain tile which looks exactly like marble  and which Aquacut then waterjet cut to match the templates.  The tile was then epoxy bonded to the MDF and, once dried, presented to Aquacut's bevelling machine which produced a perfect bevelled edge all round.  The tap hole was also treated with a curved bevel and the sink cut out was waterjet cut to match the client's proposed wash bowl.  The finished item, shown here during fabrication, looks so smart and we can't wait to see the photographs of it in situ.


aquacut, waterjet cut, water jet cutting, bevelling, bevelled adges, bevels, knutsford, cheshire, manchester, uk, northwest, bar top

February 09 Thursday

Lost your sense of direction? Then a compass by Aquacut is just what you need!

by admin

Aquacut were asked by a client for a series of striking compass designs in up to five colours of porcelain and ceramic tile.  The compasses are for floor and wall features and need to be absolutely identical shape (although to different scales) and to all align in the same direction.  Aquacut drew up a cad file from the client's sketches and incorporated a greek key design  to make a spectacular border.  The wall features were all prebonded onto backing boards ready for immediate presentation in situ with the client's tiler just needing to complete the grout joints.  The floor pieces were supplied unbonded but laid out correctly and each piece numbered to ensure accurate laying out and alignment.  The compasses were made in different colour combinations and, we are told, the final effect is absolutely stunning!

compass, waterjet cut, water jet cutting, porcelain tile, aquacut, knutsford, manchester, north west, uk

January 18 Wednesday

Aquacut is now a group! Introducing Tilers Tools and TTTrims

by admin

Aquacut have added yet more strings to their bows!

Aquacut tilers tools tttrims logos

Aquacut's core business includes waterjet cutting, manufacturing step treads, bullnosing, slip reduction treatments, epoxy bonding of materials together, cad,

Aquacut are pleased to announce that they have recently taken on an exciting new agency from Profilitec spa of Italy and have released the following statement

"TTTrims has the exclusive distribution arrangement to sell Profilitec SpA’s high quality trims, profiles and wet-room systems throughout the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Profilitec is the leading Italian designer and manufacturer of trims, profiles, wet-room systems and patio drainage systems. The company’s products are valued by architects, designers, tile suppliers and building contractors around the world. Consequently building professionals value the design and build quality giving their projects a lasting impression.

Feel free to browse our website, or contact us. TTTrims is staffed by people who have hands-on experience working in the industry. Thus we can be relied upon to give informed advice when asked.

We work closely with building specifiers thus ensuring their specifications are less susceptible to substitution with inferior products."

This is in addition to Tilers Tools which has now been going for over a year with great success

Tilers Tools is a trading division of Aquacut Limited, a company with a long history serving the building industry.

Tilers Tools

Established to serve tiling professionals throughout the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Based in Cheshire, North West England, Tilers Tools is the official Raimondi UK distributor.  We sell and deliver Raimondi equipment tools and consumables in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Tilers Tools is an e-commerce, telephone and email ordering multi-channel business, established to serve tiling professionals in the most convenient manner for clients. Tilers Tools is the UK distributor for Raimondi.  From discussions with many people working in the building industry, it is clear that there is a demand for high class tools, offered at reasonable prices aimed at the tiling industry. Tilers Tools fills that gap throughout the UK.  Jim Stott is our National Sales and Marketing Director and often delivers larger pieces of equipment personally – Jim is a professional tiler with many years experience and is always happy to answer questions about Raimondi equipment.

Tilers Tools has an extensive stock of Raimondi equipment, tools and consumables shown in these web pages.  We usually seek to despatch the next working day.  For items we do not normally stock, we can order these specially however delivery could take up to four weeks.

Raimondi S.p.A.

Italy is famed for its world-leading position in the tiling industry and has many world famous businesses serving that sector. Raimondi (visit website.) is one of those with a first class reputation. Located in Modena at the heart of the tiling industry, the company has very close links to ceramic and porcelain tile manufacturers so is able to design products in response to innovations and developments in tile manufacturing, including handling, cutting and laying the very large format tiles which are increasingly popular today.

Since 1974, Raimondi manufactures and assembles in Italy, so its products are of high quality designed to give long faithful service. Over the years the company has developed an extensive range of tools and consumables for the professional tiler. The company invests significantly in research and design, ensuring its products lead the market.

Through the years Raimondi S.p.A. has always adhered to three basic principles: Quality; Innovation; Effectiveness.

Aquacut Limited

Aquacut was established in the 1990’s to provide waterjet cutting services to the building industry. Around 90% of its sales are to businesses in that sector and its products are shipped around the world, such is the company’s reputation.

In response to market demand, Aquacut has developed expertise in a unique range of services around building finishes in tiles or stone. While water jet cutting remains an important activity valued by our clients, around half of Aquacut’s business arises from the company’s added value services. These services include bullnosing, etching, painting, epoxy bonding, sand-blasting, mechanical fixing, templating, step tread manufacture, anti-slip surfaces/designs, swimming pool features such as pool nosings and drainage tiles and production of corporate logos.

Combining a number of the services offered, Aquacut’s clients can showcase their design capability by creating bespoke building finishes that are unique, beautiful and highly functional.

Aquacut’s experienced team are always happy to discuss clients’ evolving ideas, however tentative these may be.

December 19 Monday


by admin

swimmimg pool waterjet by aquacut

October 25 Tuesday

Coping tile project - garden wall coping stones created from client's cardboard templates

by admin

The client has designed a snaking garden wall and wants a set of coping stones to finish of the design - he provides Aquacut with a set of cardboard templates cut directly from the garden wall and asks Aquacut to waterjet cut stone tiles with a 25mm overhang, to bullnose the edges, and to create a curved drip groove on the underside to prevent water dripping straight down the wall.  

Aquacut's experience with templates comes to the fore with senior cad designer, Steve, first taking measurements and over head photographs which he then converts to CAD files.  The CAD file is converted to CNC and sent to the waterjet cutting machines.  Samples are cut from board and compared with the template - spot on first time!  

The stone tiles are then presented to the waterjet cutters and cut to size and shape.  The bullnosing is then done with a mix of machine edging, using Aquacut's newly arrived state of the art bullnosing and profiling equipment, and hand finishing for the trickier curves.  

The client wanted  a drip groove on the underside of the tile - this prevents water working its way round the bullnosed edge and onto the wall by causing drops to fall of the stone tiles when they reach the groove.  This was achieved on the straight sections using Aquacut's profiling equipment and by hand on the curved sections.

Finally all the cut, grooved, & bullnosed edges were hand and machine polished to provide a beautiful finish.

The photograph shows the tiles after cutting and bullnosing laid out with the templates on top to check for accuracy.

stone, tile, waterjet cut, bullnosed, water jet cut, bullnose, aquacut, knutsford, cheshire, grooved, manchester, merseyside, uk

October 13 Thursday

More about waterjet cutting at Aquacut

by admin

If you've ever wanted to know more about waterjet cutting then this wikipedia article gives an interesting history and a good description of Aquacut's capabilities in this area - Aquacut now have three cutting beds and pumps up to 50,000 psi which, together with state of the art control equipment mean that Aquacut can cut almost all materials into almost any shape




September 14 Wednesday

Detailed edge finishing now available from Aquacut

by admin

Aquacut's range of bullnosing and edging and finishing machinery can create a range of finishes from full bullnoses to pencil edges, mitres, polished or demi polished

bullnose waterjet cut aquacut marble uk northwest knutsford manchester






September 02 Friday

Decision time - waterjet cutting or laser cutting - what's your preference?

by admin

Ever wondered if you should use laser cutting or waterjet cutting for a job? -  Whilst laser certainly has its advantages in certain situations, if you need a process where the avoidance of heat and a smooth finish is required then waterjet cutting is your only solution.  The image shows the burning and inferior finish of a laser cut item - if the item is then going to be machined then laser cutting is sometimes faster and better value but if you want no heat, a good finish and good repeatibility then waterjet cutting by Aquacut should be your first port of call.

laser cutting v waterjet cutting by aquacut in england

image courtesy of PFC in Bellingham USA

August 02 Tuesday

St Paul's Cathedral - the old and the "new"

by Graham Heap

Detail from outside the chapter house at St Paul's Cathedral, London - please have a look when you are next there!

stone waterjet cut and bonded for st pauls cathedral london by aquacut

August 02 Tuesday

Aquacut are in the furniture business!

by admin

The brief was to produce a bespoke range of pieces of furniture to showcase what can be done with Porcelanosa's range of tile in a new showroom.  Aquacut created the wooden carcase then waterjet cut and mitred the porcelain tiles to size and shape.  The shaped pieces were then bonded to the carcase and the edges softly bevelled to fabricate a custom made stylish, attractive and useful bedroom nightstand.  Aquacut made a number of other pieces using different tiles from the Porcelanosa range - please ask if you would like more details


Night stand, waterjet cut, water jet cut, mitred, porcelain tiles, furniture, bonded, fabricated, Aquacut, Knutsford, Cheshire, manchester, northwest, england, uk

July 12 Tuesday

Aquacut sister company Tilers Tools at another demonstration of their range of tile and bridge wet saws

by Graham Heap

Tilers Tools’ Jim Stott demonstrating the ZOE’s features to clients, Global Stone and a number of their clients.

Demonstration-of-a-ZOE-wet-saw by tilerstools

Since Global Stone* started selling 20mm thick porcelain, the sales of these tiles have really taken off.  The 20mm tiles are especially favoured by landscapers.  However some of the tiles will need to be cut to fit when laying and smaller saws can struggle to cope.  Not so the Raimondi ZOE which cuts through the tiles with ease, also allowing angled cuts to be made.

Jim Stott, our National Sales & Marketing Director has been in demand to demonstrate the ZOE Bridge saw’s many features, such as cutting thick stone, porcelain, marble and bricks, the plunge saw capability and the ability to make angled cuts.  Jim says; “The ZOE a robust machine with a strong belt driven motor and is by far the most popular of the range of bridge saws we sell as it is so versatile.”  Jim would be delighted to hear from you if you wish to discuss which Raimondi product would suit your needs best – his mobile number is 07860 502410.

Jim is a professional tiler having ran his own tiling business for many years, so understands the challenges that tilers and landscapers face today with the advent of new and much bigger materials.  If you are a supplier to tile or landscaping clients and would wish to invite Jim to demonstrate Raimondi equipment such as bridge saws, or very large tile handling tools, feel free to get in touch;

Visit *Global Stone who are large suppliers of natural stone and porcelain tiles with many retailers throughout the UK selling their products.

May 26 Thursday

Looks a bit fishy to me...

by admin

Aquacut's client's brief was to create a fishcentric design for a new upmarket fish and chip shop.  The pebble mosaic was supplied on a mesh backing and, after converting the designer's sketch to a suitable cad file, Aquacut waterjet cut the surrounding tiles and the mosaic to create a snug fit - the mosaic will be resin filled for use on both floor and wall - will look great


May 18 Wednesday

Step edges with an EASED edge and K-Grip to add non-slip

by admin

Aquacut are expanding their range of services by offering new slip reduction treatments and new types of step cladding.  Here you can see that each step is created from two tiles side by side.  The tiles were waterjet cut to size, then an EASED edge softens the edge of the tile.  Then grooves are cut on Aquacut’s new groove cutting and bullnosing machinery and K-Grip is inserted into shallow grooves to add non-slip properties and colour contrast too.

water jet cut, k-grip, step edges, bullnose, eased edge, aquacut, knutsford, northwest, united kingdom

May 04 Wednesday

Public space artist's creation waterjet cut at Aquacut

by admin

The brief was for Aquacut to recreate the artist's vision for a public space in Cardiff's main shopping centre.  The diverse materials ranged from slate to stone to glass to marble and required precision cutting to ensure an accurate fit over the highly complex 10 metre diameter of the whole design.  A single piece out of tolerance would upset the whole installation and Aquacut provided an accurate fixing scedule for the contractor - not a single piece needed re-cutting or re-shaping (except for a few onsite breakages) - Aquacut cut a series of miniature pieces for the artist to proof before creating the whole ensemble from materials supplied by the contractor.  Shown here is a detail from the piece - this part is approximately 3 metres across - in the centre you can see the fish's tail which has been jet etched at Aquacut with simple non gemetric designs.  The base background was also waterjet cut at Aquacut from limestone with a radial overlapping design as can be seen at the lower & right hand side.  The shapes at the top left show early celtic images waterjet cut in slate and tile or sandstone.

water jet cut tile stone marble glass at aquacut for shopping centre floor

April 27 Wednesday

Aquacut announces the launch of their new Tilers Tools division

by admin

Stuart Middleton, Managing Director of Aquacut Limited announced that his company has recently launched Tilers Tools.  Explaining why he did so, Stuart mentioned that Aquacut’s core business is processing tiles and stone, creating attractive and functional finishes for the building industry.  The company has many years of experience using tools and equipment to do so, but in his experience there was a lack of high quality equipment readily available in the United Kingdom.

Stuart was so impressed by the quality of the Raimondi range of products, he believed they ought to be much more widely known in this country and was delighted when Raimondi agreed to appoint Tilers Tools as their UK distributor.  You can see more at

Stuart stated; “Raimondi is a very successful company.  Since 1974, Raimondi has manufactured and sold high quality tools targeted at professional tilers and tile supply companies.  Its products are on sale around the world and nowadays trend and innovation makes the United Kingdom a must for Raimondi.  Aquacut’s sales are almost exclusively derived from processing ceramic and porcelain tiles and stone of various types so we have excellent relationships with building professionals throughout the country.

Through the years Raimondi S.p.A. has always adhered to three basic principles: Quality; Innovation; Effectiveness. These principles are shared by Aquacut so it’s no surprise that the fit between Raimondi and Aquacut through Tilers Tools is so compelling.

To celebrate the new distribution agreement with Raimondi S. p. A., Tilers Tools has announced the launch of the Tilers’ Club. Tilers’ Club is free to join for tiling professionals and other businesses linked to the building industry. Tilers’ Club members will enjoy a range of benefits, including;

  • valuable discounts off all Raimondi tools and consumables
  • concessionary rates from Tilers Tools parent, Aquacut Limited for waterjet cutting, bullnosing, etching, painting and epoxy bonding building finishes
  • early knowledge of new, market leading products
  • access to Tilers Tools technical department
  • the opportunity to apply for Tilers Tools ambassador accreditation which has even greater discounts on Raimondi products

Joining the Tilers’ Club is free and simple.  Merely visit our Tilers’ Club page and register; you’ll be glad you did.

Please note; to access the Tilers Club discounts, please call us as the discounts are not available on the Website.

tilers tools, bridge saws, raimondi levelling system, mechanical fixing

April 14 Thursday

Swimming pool surround fabricated at Aquacut waterjet cut with single slot bullnosed and backed with stainless steel

by admin

Aquacut were asked to fabricate swimming pool surround tiles with a single slot from porcelain tile.  As the tiles are not strong enough in themselves (nor thick enough) Aquacut fabricated a small edge return and bonded two tiles together - the top edge was mini bullnosed and then each pair of bonded pieces was epoxied onto a stainless steel backing into which three slots had been cut to allow the free passage of water.  Curved corner pieces are still being fabricated and Aquacut are looking forward to seeing the finished tiles in situ (they will be bringing their swimming trunks!) - the photo shows the edge detail - more pics to follow.

swimming pool, surround, waterjet cut, water jet cut, bullnosed, epoxy bonded, pool tiles, stainless steel backing, fabricated, aquacut, knutsford, cheshire, united kingdom

April 08 Friday

Summer is on the way - time to dust off the old pool!

by Graham Heap

Aquacut cut thousand of swimming pool grilles every year in all shapes and sizes.  Sometimes the base material is thick enough and strong enough (such as granite) to be cut without a backing and at other times the material may be more friable (marble, limestone etc) and unable to withstand the rigours of enthusiastic swimming pool users.  When this happens Aquacut will first waterjet cut a stainless steel backing plate and bond it to the main material - then the combined materials will be waterjet cut to size and with the required slots.  

The slots can be in all sorts of shapes, ovals, rectangles, stars, cylinders etc etc - some clients have had lettering cut to match the house or family name and Aquacut are experst at dealing with the technical issues involved in such bespoke work.

As you can see from the photograph cutting designs round curves present no difficulties at all for Aquacut and the picture here shows the tiles in situ just before final fixing.

Finally Aquacut can bullnose tiles with pencil bullnoses, 1/4, demi and full bullnoses and polish the completed piece for a really professional finish.

swimming pool grilles waterjet cut with slots at aquacut

April 04 Monday

30mm slate bullnosed and with slip reduction

by admin

This 30mm thick slate was cut to size and the front edge had a full bullnose.  We bonded stainless steel square bar into grooves to create anti-slip properties.

Beautiful and functional.

waterjet cut bullnosed slip reduction slate tile


December 15 Tuesday

Swimming pool limestone tiles waterjet cut & bullnosed and pool floor logo created by Aquacut

by Graham Heap

swimming pool tiles & logo waterjet cut at aquacut

This absolutely beautiful swimming pool was commissioned for a major hotel group & Aquacut were asked to water cut the curved edges, the pool grilles and the logo on the floor of the pool.  

The logo was provided as a photograph that the client had taken while abroad when he fell in love with the pool there.  Aquacut converted the photograph into a digital file and then to a cnc program for the waterjet cutting machines.  Black, blue & white tiles were waterjet cut to form the logo and the base pale blue tiles were cut to receive the finished design.  The whole lot was bonded together onto a waterproof backboard for ease of transport and laying.

The limestone slabs were also waterjet cut both radially and with curves to form the mini pool at this end and some tiles were also cut with grilles (and a stainless steel backing as reinforcement) to allow the free flow of water through the pool sides.

The rest of the pool edge tiles were then bullnosed with Aquacut's new bullnosing technology to provide a perfectly even bullnose round the whole pool.

The client told Aquacut "We were so happy working with you - with your experience in cutting tiles and logos for swimming pools you pointed out a number of problems that might arise and enabled us to avoid some very expensive mistakes - thank you so much and we will definitely want to work with you again".

December 08 Tuesday

Christmas is almost upon us - season's greeting to all our friends, suppliers and customers

by admin

Merry Christmas - this year's "card" was made by creating a blast mask - etching porcelain tiles and then painting them before the ,mask was removedporcelain tile christmas card etched and painted at aquacut

This year we close at lunchtime on 22nd December and reopen on 4th January



December 03 Thursday

Vanity unit made and clad with marble from scratch at Aquacut

by Graham Heap

Aquacut were asked to create a bespoke vanity unit for a swich new private bathroom.  The client wanted a very particluar size & marble finish which was unavailable off the peg.  Aquacut created a marine ply carcase and waterjet cut the marble (in fact marble effect porcelain tiles) to  size & them mitred the edges on their brand new start of the art bullnosing & mitering machinery.  Using a full screed the tiles were then bonded to the carcase to create the unit waterjet cut, water jet, bonding, marble, vanity unit, bathroom, Aquacut, Knutsford, Cheshire, UKyou can see here - just waiting for the chippy to make the doors and shelves!

November 26 Thursday

The Shipping Forecast - poetry set in steel for Bay of Refuge in Bridlington

by Graham Heap

Aquacut were asked to waterjet cut the fretwork and lettering from the weather forecast to commemorate the Great Gale of 1871 - Bridlington was an important refuge and details of the installlation can be found here - - after waterjet cutting the stainless steel lettering, Aquacut had the fretwork powder coated and the whole assembly was packed and sent to the client ready for installation

waterjet cut, water jet cut, stainless steel, powder coated, signage, aquacut

July 14 Tuesday

Limestone slab finely waterjet cut ready for separating and staining by the artist for a stately home in Cheshire

by admin

The client is an artist who has been commissioned to create a series of classical designs to decorate the recessed panels on the exterior of a Cheshire stately home.  A pencil drawing was supplied to Aquacut where the design team transferred it to computerised (CAD) files - after waterjet cutting sample pieces in plywood and refining the design to the client's specifications, the files were converted to CNC and the 120x150mm slabs were presented to the smaller of Aquacut's waterjet cutting beds - the slabs were trimmed to size and the design waterjet cut all in one pass which took around three hours per piece - after lifting and drying the artist will separate the pieces out and stain and paint them in seven colours to create beautiful displays on the walls of the great house.  Regrettably photos of the finished items are not available but we have heard that they look absolutelylimestone, waterjet cut, water jet, cheshire, knutsford, northwest, manchester, uk stunning in situ.

July 07 Tuesday

All you ever wanted to know about blast etching on glass, stone, tile and almost any material you care to mention

by admin

Sand blast etching

Originally, I had given little thought to providing this as a ‘How To’ article, but, so many people have asked about this, even though I don’t have any pictures of the ‘process’, I’ll explain it the best I can.  It’s simple enough, it should be a no brainer.  As long as you have a little time, and a sand blaster, you can do the basics.

So, you might be wondering what the heck I’m talking about.  It’s simple, creating graphics, logos and the like on small items made of glass or metal.

Where did this come from?  It started out after finding myself with about a dozen nice glass beer mugs that I think were a door prize of some sort, and the promotional graphics on the mugs wasn’t really something I wanted to provide to guests.  So, it was either give them away, or make them more to my liking.

This was the simplest of projects.  I simply grabbed a role of duct tape, covered anything I did not want to damage, and within literally a couple mintes start to finish, I had quickly removed the unwanted graphics, and created a simple ‘frosted’ area on both sides of the mug.

Having found this such a simple thing to do, I couldn’t resist the temptation to step it up a notch and try to create something with a little detail to it.  Having recently broken yet another ceramic mug out in the shop, this seemed like the perfect challenge.  After all, it would be in the shop, so what’s to worry about.  Being that the glass had etched so easily, I figured it was worth trying something a little more durable, like stainless steel.  There are lots of different mugs out there to select from,  Usually, under $5 will get you something to play around with.  Glass mugs can be had for a buck or two.  Wanting to keep it fairly simple to begin with, I decided to etch the IAFF logo onto the side of a few different mugs and see what I could come up with that was a reasonably simple process.

For one off, or very low production numbers, this is what I came up with.  Grab that duct tape and cover the whole darn thing, most specifically, get a nice edge to edge fit of the tape in the area you want to etch.  Next, I headed over to the computer and printed out a black and white version of the logo I wanted to etch onto the mugs.  I used a little glue, just about anything will do, and glued the paper logo on top of the tape where I wanted it and let it dry for a bit.  I think a spray adhesive would probably work best for this if I was to do it again as it’s quick, sticks like crap, and stays put virtually immediately.

Next, get out your razor knife, exacto knife or what have you, and carefully cut through the paper and tape, and remove the areas you want to etch.  Thus the black & white image which makes it much easier to decide what to cut, and giving a nice clear edge to follow.  Try to avoid lines finer than 1/8 inch as it gets quite tricky to cut and blast.  You can do it, but, it takes a little more effort and can be finicky.

Once you have the image cut and removed, your all set.  Head over to the sand blaster and give er..  I should point out that while it’s nice to have a cabinet, which makes this a very neet and simple process, you can do this with the most simple blaster, that you jamb a siphon tube into a bucket of sand.  This isn’t rocekt science.


It wouldn’t hurt to take a scrap piece of anything, throw a little tape on it, and blast away to get a feel for the pressure, distance from the work and the duration to blast.  A glass jar or a tin can will work just fine for a test piece.

In about a minute, you will have your finished product.

The duct tape holds up surprisingly well to the sand because of its resilience.  But, if you get carried away, you can cut right through it and screw things up.  Starting with a lower pressure, is better than starting on the high side and making a mess of it.

As you progress, you can make things more complicated if you choose.  You’ll soon find the level you want to take this to.

You should pay attention to the shape of the material or item you’ll be blasting.  Here’s two of the stainless mugs I did.  One is barrel shapped, the other is flat sided.  This shape will impact the application of your graphics if there is a curve to it, you may have to make some adjustments to get a good fit.


Out of curiosity, I contacted a local decal company, and had them do up  a few samples using their heaviest vinyl material with a self adhesive backing.  They had a computer controlled cutter, so all I had to do was peel & stick, then pick out the bits I wanted exposed.  This worked, but, you REALLY have to watch your pressure as you only get a few passes before you blast right through the vinyl.  But, it’s workable, which would allow you to generate a little revenue if you wanted to have a little money maker side line.


A few other things worthy of mentioning.  With glass, you can actually cut quite deeply and create a very interesting 3D effect.

If you try doing a car window (tempered glass), support the glass from behind, and ease up on the pressure.  If you take it easy, you can do it, but get heavy handed and you’ll have a pile of glass cubes.

It might be worth trying a little etching on aluminium parts before anodizing is performed.  It could create a very nice effect.  If I get around to this, I’ll post an update about it.  Probably about the time I get around to setting up the anodizing tanks..

With thanks to Tom Mackie Racing - original article Feb 6, 2010

June 30 Tuesday

Waterjet cutting is not just for "hard" materials - elephant feet waterjet cut from carpet for safari hotel in Nigeria - no tooling required

by admin

waterjet cutting, carpet, hotel, flooring, knutsford, northwest, uk, manchester, cheshire

Very simple waterjet cutting project for a safari hotel in Nigeria - demonstrates the advantages of water jet cutting over die stamping techniques - no special tooling is required and because of this tools don't need to be sharpened or replaced - small changes can be made immediately with the minimum of expense and repetition of design can be made ad infinitum

June 25 Thursday

Cardiff shopping centre - glass, stone & tile waterjet cut and bonded in place for a most spectacular floor design

by admin

The brief was to convert a local artist's sketches and drawings into a spectacular feature floor in the heart of Cardiff's main shopping centre - hands, fingers, fish, loaves & abstract forms were water-jet cut from glass, stone and tile to cut through the main tiling layout where it can be viewed from the gallery above - the challenge was to ensure absolute accuracy over such a large area (approx 100m2) and all Aquacut's expertise and skill was brought into use to ensure that the joints were of uniform thickness throughout by making allowances for the waterjet width and variations in the thickness of materials - the client was delighted (as was the artist) - well worth seeing this superb example of the water jet cutter's art at Aquacut when you are next in Cardiff!

waterjet cut, water jet, bonding, stone, glass, tile, shopping centre, feature floor, knutsford, chechire, manchester, northwest, uk


June 16 Tuesday

Bullnosing at Aquacut - new leaflet for customers

by admin

Bullnosed, shaped and polished edges of stone and tiles - call and ask for our new leaflet on 01565 750 666

Aquacut can produce many different edge shapes. Whether you need us to create a unique finish to just a few pieces of marble using hand held tools, or large volumes of shaped tiles using our automated services, Aquacut can meet most needs.

Don’t fall of the edge; Use Aquacut

Selection of the more common shapes we are requested to prepare;

Full descriptions are contained in the following columns.

The full bullnose is often used where the face of the material overhangs the riser (vertical) piece.

The half bullnose is generally a quarter round circle which has a diameter the thickness of the material

The pencil round gives the benefits of a rounded edge whilst keeping much of the flat.

The eased profile flows down the whole edge.

Bullnosing, water jet cutting, demi bullnose, full bullnose, tiles, marble, granite, grooves, knutsford, northwest, manchester, cheshire, uk

June 10 Wednesday

New bullnosing machine at Aquacut now has groove cutting tools to complement Aquacut's waterjet cutting facilities

by admin

Aquacut have added yet another string to their bow - the arrival of new bullnosing machinery caused quite a stir among customers who asked if Aquacut could also supply a full treatment to step treads including bullnosing, cutting grooves and creating an anti slip treatment with steel or brass rods inserted in the grooves - Aquacut asked the machinery supplier and a few weeks ago the new cutting heads arrived - grooves of all widths can be created and metal rods epoxy bonded in place - alternatively the grooves can be filled with kgrip slip reduction resin or even left empty

Bullnosing, tile grooving, waterjet cutting, water jet cutter, knutsford, manchester, chechire, northwest, uk


June 02 Tuesday

Abrasive waterjet cutting - how did it all start and what's it for?

by Graham Heap

waterjet cutting, water jet cutting, steel, glass, marble, granite, limestone, copper, aluminium, knutsford, cheshire, uk, northwest

While cutting with water is possible for soft materials, the addition of an abrasive turned the waterjet into a modern machining tool for all materials. This began in 1935 when the idea of adding an abrasive to the water stream was developed by Elmo Smith for the liquid abrasive blasting.  Smith’s design was further refined by Leslie Tirrell of the Hydroblast Corporation in 1937, resulting in a nozzle design that created a mix of high-pressure water and abrasive for the purpose of wet blasting.  Producing a commercially viable abrasive waterjet nozzle for precision cutting came next by Dr. Mohamed Hashish who invented and led an engineering research team at Flow Industries to develop the modern abrasive waterjet cutting technology.  Dr. Hashish, who also coined the new term "Abrasive Waterjet" AWJ, and his team continued to develop and improve the AWJ technology and its hardware for many applications which is now in over 50 industries worldwide. A most critical development was creating a durable mixing tube that could withstand the power of the high-pressure AWJ, and it was Boride Products (now Kennametal) development of their ROCTEC line of ceramic tungsten carbide composite tubes that significantly increased the operational life of the AWJ nozzle.  Current work on AWJ nozzles is on micro abrasive waterjet so cutting with jets smaller than 0.015 inch in diameter can be commercialized.

Aquacut use their two abrasive waterjet cutting beds for cutting all sorts of materials - stone, tile, metal (including steel up to 9" thick), glass, wood, plastics, carbon fibre and many many more - all these materials can be combined and epoxy bonded to create dramatic effects for the interior design and landscaping industries.  Clients include architects, interior designers, landscapers, sculptors, tilers, artists, civil engineers, property developers and private individuals looking for that individual touch to put their own stamp on their home, office or garden.

With thanks to Wikipedia -


May 26 Tuesday

Swimming pool surround waterjet cut with "wave" design and backed with stainless steel

by Graham Heap

Aquacut's client is a major supplier of bespoke swimming pools who wanted an infinity pool surround with more than just a grille or straight slots - Aquacut supplied a variety of designs from crescents and diamonds to symbols and lettering - eventually the client went for this simple wavy design - the porcelain tiles were waterjet cut after a stainless steel backing had been applied and epoxy bonded for extra strength - special curved sections were also created and two corner pieces where the curves flowed at right angles to the rest of the swimming pool surrounds - waterjet cutting can leave a sharp edge so all pieces were given a slight arris for extra safety.

waterjet cut, swimming pool surround, tiles, epoxy bonded, knutsford, uk, northwest, chechire

May 19 Tuesday

Town landscape waterjet cut, etched and painted at Aquacut

by admin

This looks so smart in Aquacut's workshop - we can't wait to see it in situ.  30mm slate was waterjet cut into a 2m circle and, after the mask was applied and picked, blast etched to create the countours, building outlines and other features defined by the artist, some areas were painted to create further contrast and the client is absolutely delighted (and so are we!)  Aquacut can take your designs from just the roughest sketch to completed architects cad files and convert them into stunning features, waterjet cut and etched, grooved and bullnosed in almost any material.  Aquacut can combine materials such as glass or metal in stone, wood, plastics and tile.  The only limit is your imagination.

May 13 Wednesday

Striking floor feature, waterjet cut black and white marble for a stunning private house entrance hall

by admin

waterjet cut, epoxy bonded, water jet cutting, knutsford, marble, tile, entrance faeture

A client wanted a strking floor feature for the entrance hall in his private house - from the architect's design white marble and black porcelain tiles were waterjet cut and epoxy bonded and supplied on a backing boatrd as a whole unit ready for the tilers to lay.  The client says it looks absolutely stunning and is delighted with the end result.  

High pressure abrasive waterjet cutting enables almost any material to be cut with intricate precision and Aquacut are the market leaders in the field of building finishes and additional services.  Glass, steel, stone, marble, granite, tile, plastics, rubber and even paper and wood can be cut with water - Aquacut have even cut steel 6 inches thick with water!  New machinery means that Aquacut can create bullnosed edges, grooves in tile and stone and bond all sorts of materials together.  Don't be put off by people who say it can't be done - because Aquacut can!

May 07 Thursday

Jet etching and waterjet cutting combined to create a series of stunning effects

by admin

This is a sample piece for a client who wants to create a 2m diameter slate circle etched and painted with a local artist's designs - a mask is created and cut using a cnc file fed to our mask cutter - the mask is applied to the slate and the areas to be etched are 'picked' to reveal the surface below.  The whole piece is then set up in the blast etching room and etched using aluminium oxide abrasive material.  Some area are painted white and the mask is left in place while this is done (either by spray or brush) and the etched areas which are not to be painted are temporarily masked over to prevent paint splatter - the mask is then removed, the surface cleaned up and the result is as below.  In this case the finished circle, which will be waterjet cut from 20mm slate, is to be in a high traffic area and we were concerned that the larger white painted area would not stand up the the resulting wear and tear so options for sealing the paint are being explored.

waterjet cutting, waterjet, blast etching, etching, knutsford, chechire, northwest, manchester, uk, tiles, stone

April 28 Tuesday

Simple sundial water jet cut and epoxy bonded from stone, stainless steel and glass

by admin

waterjet cut & bonded tile steel stone & glass knutsford chechire northwest uk

A private client wanted to create a sundial for his new garden which could also be an attractive night time feature - together we designed a simple sundial with blue/green glass hour lines which could be underlit - there was also the option of etching the hour numbers on the face of the stone but the client thought that they would make the design too fussy so this feature was omitted from the final design. (He also said that he could always use his watch if he wanted to know the time!).  As a Ferrari enthusiast he wanted the prancing horse and he says it looks really smart at night time when underlit.  The stone, glass and stainless steel were waterjet cut - then the stainless steel prancing horses were epoxy bonded to form a sandwich on a thin piece of blue glass - the green/blue glass hour lines were then also epoxy bonded in place and, after drying, the prancing horse was bonded in position as well.  Contact Aquacut on 01565 750 666 for further information.

April 21 Tuesday

Compass waterjet cut and etched for Landrover showrooms worldwide

by admin

How to make a compass!  First take your 600x600mm porcelain tiles - then create a simple cad file to create a circle and convert it to cnc - then place your tiles on the waterjet cutting bed and, with a 50,000 psi water flow and abrasive garnet added to the water flow, cut them into a circle.  Next create your blasting masks - create the cad file to the compass design and split it into nine pieces, allowing for the grout joint between the tiles - convert it into a cnc file again and send the file to the masking material cutter which cuts the design into the face of the material without cutting through the protective film underneath (very precise and very depth critical) - then apply your mask to the 9 pieces and pick off the cut out pieces to expose the surface of the tile underneath - then take your tiles to the blast cabinet and blast etch the surface of the tiles to a fixed depth (more art than science) - finally peel of the rest of the mask and clean up the surface and you end up with this smart compass design for the floor or wall of your building.  For a colour finish individual elements of the design can be spray or hand coloured before the mask is fianlly removed to create really stunning effects and the exposed areas can be treated to prevent dirt building up - for further info

waterjet, water jet cut, waterjet cutting, knutsford, compass, showroom floor, northwest, uk

April 14 Tuesday

Meet the crew - part 1 - waterjet technician Pat

by admin

This is Pat, out senior waterjet technician - what he doesn't know about abrasive and pure waterjet cutting just isn't worth knowing - often runs two waterjet cutting beds at once - runs the control systems to control the flow of abrasive material in the water jet - selects the correct jewels and tungsten focussing tubes depending on the material thickness and hardness and the finish required - likes motorbikes and fishing but not at the same time!  

waterjet, water jet, cutting, northwest, knutsford, chechire, abrasive waterjet

April 09 Thursday

Unusual effects from blast etching & painting porcelain tiles

by admin

This is a sample piece for a client who wants to experiment with the effects he can ahcieve on full bodies porcelain tiles - great designs can be created for floors & walls - the design is converted to a cad file and then a cnc file and fed to the mask cutter - the rubberised mask is applied to the surface of the tile and the areas which are to be etched are "picked" to reveal thge surface underneath - the tile then goes to the etching bay where, in this casem just a short blast is required to remove the glazed surface.   Before the mask is removed any areas that need highlighted can be hand or spray painted to create an effect such as in the image below.  Aquacut have applied gold leaf for lettering at Liverpool City Library using a similar etching process and then brushing on the fine leaf - looks spectacular!blast etching, tile paint, northwest , uk, porcelain tiles

March 24 Tuesday

Waterjet cutting - the versatile stress free low temperature method of cutting all sorts of materials without expensive tooling and setup costs

by admin

Aquacut use high pressure abrasive water jets to cut all types of materials.  Their KMT pump produces 50,000 psi of pressure which is fed to a diamond orifice set in a tunsten focussing tube and abrasive garnet is added to the flow at the same time - the fineness of the jet can be adjusted so that up to a million pounds of force can be focussed on the material.  Granite and steel up to six inches thick can be cut by this process.

Aquacut's experienced CAD draughtsmen produce drawings to enable multi colour and different materials to be accurately cut with specific joint sizes to fit together snugly and they can then be bonded them together to create startling and beautiful effects.  

Call 01565 750 666 or email for further information

water jet cutting, steel, glass, marble, granite, limestone, copper, aluminium, knutsford, cheshire, uk, northwest



March 17 Tuesday

Pontypridd waterjet cut and bonded street art

by admin

The brief from noted artist David Mackie, famed for public art throughout England & Wales was to create lettering from black basalt and pink granite for a public square in Pontypridd.  After receiving the detailed drawings and agreeing fonts and sizes, Aquacut created CAD files which wre then approved by the artist before CNC files were developed and sent to Aquacut's high pressure abrasive waterjet machines.  With two cutting beds Aquacut produced the granite reliefs and the basalt lettering at the same time using variations of the CNC files to allow for jet width and grout joints.  The resulting lettering was then epoxy bonded into the pink granite, the slabs were numbered and packed for delivery to site.  Because the lettering was already bonded in place the contractor just had to lay the slabs according to the detailed numbered plan and could complete the project with the minimum of fuss. 

water jet, waterjet, cutting, granite, public art,

Photos courtesy of

March 11 Wednesday

Waterjet cutting of stainless steel lettering

by admin

stainless steel waterjet cut to form lettering for pubmlic display work

Stainless steel lettering waterjet cut and marked up for the artist and poet's revisions before final cutting - this design was flexible enough to wrap round a tree for a public display feature.  The artist provided his hand drawn design which we converted to an electronic cad file for further editing - this was then converted to a CNC file and the sheet of stainless steel was waterjet cut using our abrasive water jet technology.  The surface was protected with film (you can see some still on the N at the bottom right).  This was one of the test pieces before the final piece was water jet cut.

February 17 Tuesday

House sign making at Aquacut

by admin

Aquacut's client wanted a new house sign made to celebrate the completion of work at her house - the granite composite was used to create an entrance pillar and Aquacut were provide with a slab of the same material.  The slab was waterjet cut and the edges polished - then a mask for the lettering was cut from 1mm vinyl and placed onto the granite - the letters were picked out and the slab blast etched using carborundum and then painted gold - the mask was then removed to create the beautiful and distinctive sign below

waterjet cut, etched, painted, house sign, granite, aquacut, chechire, northwest

February 17 Tuesday

House sign making at Aquacut

by admin

Aquacut's client wanted a new house sign made to celebrate the completion of work at her house - the granite composite was used to create an entrance pillar and Aquacut were provide with a slab of the same material.  The slab was waterjet cut and the edges polished - then a mask for the lettering was cut from 1mm vinyl and placed onto the granite - the letters were picked out and the slab blast etched using carborundum and then painted gold - the mask was then removed to create the beautiful and distinctive sign below

waterjet cut, etched, painted, house sign, granite, aquacut, chechire, northwest

February 10 Tuesday

Beautiful spiral staircase in 30mm marble, waterjet cut, bullnosed and with brass slip reduction treatment

by admin

Short Construction retained Aquacut to create the stair treads and risers for a stunning spiral staircase at a private house in Cheshire.  Aquacut wauetjet cut the marble to form the stair treads and risers - then the treads were bullnosed and grooves etched into the surface to receive brass rod which created an elegant and effective slip reduction treatment.  The base pillar was formed from 30mm marble waterjet cut into a 3/4 circle and then bonded oneon another to form the pillar.

staircase pillar, waterjet cut, marble, epoxy bonded


January 27 Tuesday

Limestone background and black tile prancing horse waterjet cut and epoxy bonded for Ferrari enthusiast

by admin

Prancing horse waterjet cut in two colour stone for Ferrari enthusiast

The customer is a multiple Ferrari owner who wanted to see the logo while showering - we created a cad file from the drawing he provided - his tiler suppled the stone which we waterjet cut and epoxy bonded - we've not been in his shower yet! but he tells us it looks great - 

January 20 Tuesday

Cherry blossom waterjet cut from marble

by admin

Aquacut were asked to create a cherry blossom feature for a private house by Stone Connection of Yorkshire.  The material is 20mm marble and there are five colours in total.  Aquacut, using high pressure abrasive waterjet technology via their 50,000 hp pump, cut the outline from pale grey/white marble for the background, then the branches from black marble and the flowers and buds from blue, cream and pink marble.  They then bonded the whole together to form the image below - there are four pieces in total and we can't wait to see the finsihed article in pride of place in its new home

December 09 Tuesday

Waterjet cut tiles to create design lead water feature for Mersey River flood defences

by Graham Heap

This Heron feature was part of the second phase of the Mersey River flood defence system installed in Warrington.   The client wished to create interest in the concrete flood defence and we were commissioned to manufacture a variety of features including a sun, poppies, rainbows, butterflies, river plants, fish and bubbles which were bonded into the concrete to create significant interest along the river Mersey.

On receipt of drawings we converted these to cad fiels and tnen transferred them to our cnccontroller. Tiles were then waterjet cut in several colours and then bonded together to create this lovely image.

Waterjet cut tiles to follower designers brief to create Heron for Mersey flood defences

December 04 Thursday

Waterjet cutting of Human Sundial

by Graham Heap

Human sundial text

Human sundial - brass inlaid in etched and waterjet cut concrete

Brass plates waterjet cut and etched and bonded into concrete stone paving

Human sundial - waterjet cut brass and concrete etched and bonded

 Feilden Fowles asked us to fulfill a design for a human sundial - brass plates were etched with place names including the unpronounceable EYJAFJALLAJOKULL  (The Icelandic volcano that caused all the airline disruption in 2010) - then 50mm and 30mm thick concrete slabs were waterjet cut to shape and the slots for the brass plates cut out - the brass plates were then bonded into position.


The slabs have been laid at Hazlegrove School by RG Spiller - users will be able to stand at the centre of the sundial and their shadow will tell the time - additionally name places will  indicate the distance of famous landmarks round the world from the school.

Waterjet cut stone and brass to create human sundial 

November 25 Tuesday

Aquacut competition winner

by Graham Heap

The brief to students at Southampton Solent University was to produce physical presentation aids for exhibition stands and/or sales visits.  The product could be portable or more substantial and needed to be

a) eyecatching

b) easily manufacturable

c) transportable

d) cover all of Aquacut's services

Eleven teams entered the competition and Aquacut were impressed with the standard and variety of presentations.  The winning entry ticked all the boxes and MD, Stuart Middleton, says that Aquacut will be producing the first display cases shortly.

Briefcase design for waterjet cutting at Aquacut

November 18 Tuesday

Slip reduction treatment waterjet cut for spiral staircase

by Graham Heap

spiral staircase inlaid with brass rods for slip reduction treatment

20mm marble slabs were waterjet cut to shape for a spiral staircase.  Then the step treads were then bullnosed and polished to create a pleasing smooth face.  Jet etching was carried out to form a groove and 5mm sq brass bar was inserted and bonded in position to create an elegant yet effective slip reduction treatment

November 05 Wednesday

What can be cut with waterjet technology?

by Graham Heap

Waterjet Cutting Applications


Engineering applications 
engineering applications 
automotive applications


Aquacut can waterjet cut all the following materials and many many more - just ask and we can provide a sample cut to show you the quality of cut

Engineering Metals

  • Ferrous and non ferrous metals
  • Special and tool steel (up to 100mm)
  • Aluminium, brass, copper and titanium (up to 150mm)

Plastics and Composites

  • All types of plastics, foam, rubber
  • and a wide range of composites.

Stone, Glass and Wood

  • Marble, Granite, Tile, Glass (plain, bullet proof / laminated),  wood types.

With thanks to Waterjet Technology South Africa

October 28 Tuesday

Bullnosing now available at Aquacut

by Graham Heap

magine your tiles bullnosed on all 4 edges or beautiful marble and granite worktops with full, half  or quarter bullnoses - Aquacut have invested in state of the art bullnosing technology to add to the wide range of finishing services they offer.  Bullnosed steptreads with a slip reduction treatment (stainless steel rods, resin or grooved finishes) make for beautiful staircase features.

October 16 Thursday

Everything you wanted to know about waterjet cutting but were afraid to ask

by Graham Heap

waterjet is a tool used in machine shops to cut metal parts with a (very) high-pressure stream of water. As amazing as it sounds, if you get water flowing fast enough it can actually cut metal.

Think of a waterjet as something with about 30 times the pressure of the power washer wand at your local car wash. Power washing at car washes is an everyday example of a dirt film being "cut" off the body, wheels and tires of an automobile.

The key to cutting metal with water is to keep the spray coherent. Waterjets are able to cut because the spray is channeled through a very narrow jeweled nozzle at a very high pressure to keep the spray coherent. Unlike metal cutters, a waterjet never gets dull and it cannot overheat.

Low pressure waterjets were first used for mining gold inCalifornia in 1852. Steam and hot water jets were used in the early 1900s for cleaning. High pressure waterjets were used for mining in the 1960s, and about 10 years ago industry began using waterjets for cutting. Abrasive water jets (abrasivejets) were first used in industry in about 1980.

In the past, only one piece of metal could be cut at a time with a saw or other metal cutting mechanical process. It was time intensive and expensive. Computer-controlled waterjet and abrasivejet cutting are used today in industry to cut many soft and hard materials. The plain water-abrasive mixture leaves the nozzle at more than 900 mph. The latest machines can cut to within two thousandths of an inch, and have jet speeds around Mach 3.

Waterjets can cut:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Stone
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Stainless steel

The water pressure is typically between 20,000 and 55,000 pounds per square inch (PSI). The water is forced through a 0.010" to 0.015" in diameter orifice (hole) in a jewel.

A waterjet can remove the bark from a tree at a distance of 40 feet if one alters the chemistry of plain water by adding SUPER-WATER®, available from Berkeley Chemical Research. The SUPER-WATER® is a soluble polymeric chemical that acts like a series of molecular spinal columns or concrete reinforcement bars that tie the individual water molecules together in a more structured way to form a coherent jet. Imagine the potential for cutting down roadside weeds.

Abrasivejet machine with a 26-inch square cutting area. Note the reservoir of reddish garnet sand abrasive.

Courtesy of OMAX Corporation

Waterjets cut softer materials, while abrasive jets are used for harder materials. The actual cutting is often done under water to reduce splash and noise. Faster feed rates are used to prevent the jet from cutting all the way through.


With thanks to

September 24 Wednesday

Stainless steel house sign waterjet cut and mounted on backing

by Graham Heap

Our client wanted an elegant yet understated sign for his new driveway entrance - we bonded 4mm stainless steel onto a recycled plastic backing and waterjet cut the combined material to make this very smart house sign - abrasive material is added to the high pressure water flow to make a clean sharp edge and the letters can be either attached to a backing board for enhanced contrast or, as here, directly to the brickwork.

house sign stainless steel lettering waterjet cut and mounted on recycled plastic backing





September 24 Wednesday

Beautiful glass from The House of Ugly Fish

by Graham Heap

The House of Ugly Fish in Manchester make the most beautiful fused glass splashbacks (along with glass art for kitchens and gardens and lighting features).  The splashbacks need to be cut to size and shape and to accommodate outlets such as plug sockets and vents.  Waterjet cutting is the safest way to cut these works of art, minimising the risk of fracture and allowing holes to be cut right in the middle of some pieces.

September 16 Tuesday

Corporate Academy Logo for Unilin flooring - waterjet cut from 3mm vinyl tiles

by Graham Heap

The customer (Unilin) wanted a precision cut logo for Academy from their own 3mm vinyl tiles - we created a cnc file and using our highly accurate waterjet we cut three colours of tile to form a stylised letter "A"

logo waterjet cut from vinyl tiles - cnc created from sketch

September 16 Tuesday

Porcelain tiles etched and painted to form corporate logo for the TTA

by Graham Heap

Shackerley Hodlings asked us to create a Tile Association logo from two 600x600mm porcelain tiles.  The process is:

1. convert the logo to a cnc file

2. cut a blast mask from stonemask and apply the mask to the tiles

3. pick the mask to leave the areas to be etched clear

4. blast etch the tiles to form the logo in our newly built blast room

5. paint the etched areas to emphasise TTA logo with an exact pantone match paint

6. remove the mask and allow to cure

We can create any logo in (almost) any material with this process

logo waterjet cut from porcelain tiles for the tile association

June 25 Wednesday

Multicolour design waterjet cut and etched from marble

by Graham Heap

We were asked to produce a design from 6 different colurs of marble - the dots were etched to give a contrasting design and the outlines were all waterjet cut - the components were then all bonded together to produce this lovely design


waterjet cut marble multicolour carpet

June 11 Wednesday

Reduced slip floors for Dior showroom in London

by Graham Heap

We were asked to create a reduced slip entrance feature for a new Dior showroom in London

We jet-etched grooves in a 2000x1500x40mm limestone slab and inset and bonded the grooves with 4mm stainless steel bar.

Looks great!

reduced slip limestone and steel inserts

September 09 Thursday

House of Fraser - reduced slip tiles

by Graham Heap

Starting with 600 x 600mm polished black galaxy tile, and working again with Delmar Ceramics, we have etched 50mm wide stripes to create a "hit and miss" pattern, used to form a ramp at House of Fraser Worcester.


tiles etched to provide slip reduction treatment entrance ramp


September 08 Wednesday

Smooth new access for Aquacut

by Graham Heap

Previously when you visited Aquacut you saw this

On return from holiday we find our neighbour has completely relaid the rough old road which leads to our premises

but now your tiles will be even more super safe when transported on our new silky smooth highway!



June 24 Thursday

Etching and painting ceramic tiles

by Graham Heap

This week Aquacut are revisiting an old contract to create the 99 names of Allah in 600x600mm porcelain tiles.  From Aquacut's client's CAD files they created CNC files, cut, applied and weeded the blast masks, shot blasted the tiles and then painted them.  This technique gives an excellently defined edge and the client was delighted with the result.

June 15 Tuesday

Three more Land Rover compasses go to Jeddah


Aquacut continue to assist with the refurbishment of Land Rover dealerships round the globe by sending the three latest designs to dealerships in Saudi Arabia.

A compass circle is first waterjet cut then the compass design is etched onto the face of the full bodied porcelain tiles ready for the tiler to fix.

The result is a striking compass design which fits in perfectly with Land Rover's corporate branding

June 10 Thursday

Non slip stair tread inserts for Liverpool John Lennon Airport

by Graham Heap

Fabricated stair treads waterjet cut and bonded with stainless steel inserts

At Aquacut we have been asked to create non slip stair treads for the airport.  We are water jet etching grooves in the stair treads and then bonding stainless steel inserts into the grooves - at Aquacut we can bond almost any materials together and are currently carrying out a number of projects using k-grip which is available in a number of colours.

April 27 Tuesday

Unique swimming pool grilles

by Graham Heap

We are receiving more enquiries for our bespoke swimming pool grille service.  We can cut any design in almost any material to form that unique grille your client desires.  For a free mini sample contact us via email or by phone on 01565 750 666


April 14 Wednesday

Another Debenham's for Aquacut


Working with Chelmer Flooring and following the recent completion of cutting of the curved walkways in polished white porcelain tiles, we are this week starting a similar project for Debenham's new store in Bath.