Situated in the heart of Cheshire, England, Aquacut Limited was established in the 1990’s to pioneer the use of water jet technology to serve the building industry. Aquacut has a long history of working with architects, designers and building professionals as well as private individuals. Our range of services has been expanded over the years to include book and cut service, brick sets cut and bonded, bullnosing, designing, epoxy bonding, etching, mosaic tiles, painting, sand-blasting, step and riser cladding, templating, swimming pool grilles finger holds and edging, so please take time to review our Other Services.

 At Aquacut we love a challenge.

There is nothing our skilled craftsmen like better than a technically demanding job. Over the years they have completed projects as diverse as public art for Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, etched feature floors for Land Rover showrooms and stainless steel collars for BP oil platforms.

We work hard to excel in three core areas:

1. With many years of experience, our designers are well used to discussing our clients’ requirements. As well as turning out products that meet our clients’ expectations, we also design with an eye on making the product in a cost-effective way,
2. Our craftsmen turn the design ideas into reality, producing good quality products within agreed tolerances, creating some stunningly beautiful and functional work. We have successfully completed thousands of bespoke commissions with our products installed around the world, and
3. We pride ourselves on packaging our products so that they have the best chance of reaching our clients’ destinations in good condition. Our principal market is the United Kingdom, however our products have been shipped all around the world, including the Americas, Asia, Australasia, the Caribbean, China, the Middle East, Turkey and Russia as well as many European jurisdictions.


Water jet cutting is at the heart of what we do. Using computer controlled, very high-pressure jets operating at around 60,000 psi, Aquacut can cut through a wide range of materials such as floor and wall tiles, marble, granite, sandstone, slate, glass, composites, plastics, all metals and rubber. Water jet cutting produces a clean finish and, allied to our CAD/CNC technology, has the ability to cut curves and intricate designs, from 2mm to 3,000mm in size.